Wild Women Gathering - Calgary

Wild Women Gathering - Calgary
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Sun 23 February 2020
Sunday 23 February 2020
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

~  ✦ ~  ARE YOU A WOMAN WHO IS …  ~ ✦ ~ 

Excited to be a part of the global sisterhood movement?

Wanting to meet your  “soul tribe” of heart -centered sisters?
♡ Ready to drop your masks and live life more authentically?

♡ Ready to love yourself unconditionally?
♡ On the path of self-inquiry and self-discovery and want to do this with other women?

International Women’s facilitator, Alice Hong, is bringing the Wild Women Gathering movement to CALGARY! She has led women’s circles for over 12 years, having sat with thousands of women around the globe to awaken to the magic and medicine of sisterhood.

Join us for a special event with over 160 women to come together in vulnerability, courage, rawness, truth, feminine embodiment and sacred sisterhood. Sing, dance, laugh, connect, share, shed some tears and be WILD. 

Come, open your hearts and celebrate your full body aliveness!

We are better together, and together, we rise! 

Invite your sisters and loved ones… your mother, daughter, grandmother, best friend, co-worker… all are welcome. No experience is necessary. 

Led by international women’s facilitator, Alice Hong ♥

~ ~ ✦ ~ WHAT WILL WE EXPLORE ~ ✦ ~

♡ Simple yet profound connection exercises that include:  deep listening, healing touch, and witnessing each other
♡ Celebration of our self-expression through dance, song and meaningful conversation
♡ Sharing circles that encourage vulnerability, intimacy and empathy

♡ Live music to open our bodies and hearts

♡ The indescribable magic of what happens when women gather

~ ✦ ~ REGISTRATION ~ ✦ ~

Cost: $15-$35 by donation. All profit donated to ALCOVE

Minimum age: 14 as there may be mature conversations in the sharing circles 


- Something simple to gift to another woman (a quote written on paper, a poem, flower, stone, object from nature).

- Wear something that you feel beautiful in and that’s also comfortable to dance and sit.

- Cushion to sit on (optional) - we will be seated on the ground for 30 mins at a time. 

- Donations: we welcome any additional donations at the door. All proceeds go to xxx charity

-You will be in close proximity to other people, so come fresh and refrain from wearing any perfumes or other strong smells.



“Everything about this day was magic… the singing, the tears, the laughter. I hope that every woman in the world gets to experience this sisterhood!” ~Carey

“What an incredible experience to be in a room full of women, without competition, without judgement. I have never felt so accepted and seen!” ~Joy

“This was my first gathering of women and I'm still feeling like I'm living on a cloud of love.” ~Dawn

~ ✦ ~ FACILITATED BY ~ ✦ ~

Alice Hong


Alice offers transformational experiences around the world that empowers people to love themselves more deeply and live life with full vibrancy. Since 2008, she has facilitated programs vast areas of studies including tantra, yoga and women’s circles. She has taught at numerous festivals including Canadian Tantra Festival, Embrace Intimacy, and is the creatrix of Embodied Shakti and Untamed: Wild Feminine and director of Inspired Yoga Institute. For Alice, the quest to live from love, truth, and freedom are the highest values she infuses into all her offerings. Authenticity and loving presence are her greatest teaching tools, and she has traveled to over 40 countries to study, teach and play. www.alicehong.com


~Special Guests~

Joni Tabbiner


Mira Black

One part poet one part chanteuse, this muse will inspire and break your heart in the same breath while falling in love with you before you can overt your eyes. Nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award for “Best Album”, her fusions of poetry, jazz and theatrical presentation, Mira Black has proven her self in both the literary and musical world. Mixing her soulful, 5 octave vocal prowess with a brave imagination and insightful composition, Mira will leave a loveing mark you wont soon forget.


~ ✦ ~ MEDIA RELEASE ~ ✦ ~
To capture the beauty of our gathering, there will be a photographer and videographer at this event and footage may be used for social media and promotional purposes. If you do not wish to be captured, please let us know when you arrive at the door and we will honour your request.
~ ✦ ~ Be a part of the movement! ~ ✦ ~
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12 ave se 111
decidedly jazz danceworks, calgary, ab, ca
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decidedly jazz danceworks, calgary, ab, ca

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12 ave se 111
decidedly jazz danceworks, calgary, ab, ca
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