Wellness Cafe - Happy Healthy Women, Burlington

Tuesday  25 June  2019  6:30 PM    Wednesday  26 June  2019 2:00 AM
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Last update 27/06/2019

Welcome to Wellness Cafe - a brand new event for Happy Healthy Women, Burlington. You'll see this event twice a month - a daytime & an evening session. We will cover a variety of topics as well as guest experts that will introduce you to new possibilities; all designed to -- always with the goal of helping you live the healthiest, happiest, most vibrant life possible.

GUEST HOST: Sarah Mulaner, Topic: Chakras

Energy centres of the body are called Chakras, and they have a tremendous influence on how you feel, what you excel at and what your struggles are. Have you ever wondered why you feel bored on occasion? Do you feel like you can’t speak up in some situations, even though you want to? Do you feel like you visualize worst case scenarios or feel unsafe more often that you like? Learn more about how the Chakras influence your thoughts and wellbeing and learn practices that you can implement to feel centred, productive and energetic in your life.

Sarah is a healer, massage therapist, athlete, author, and speaker. Her journey began in 1993 as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. She spent many years coaching clients and expanded to teach yoga in 2001. Over time she became a Reiki Master and enjoys using both her intuitive skills and evidence-based training to help her patients heal.

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East Side Mario's Burlington (Millcroft)
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