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Friday  12 October  2018  8:45 AM    Friday  12 October  2018 5:00 PM
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About Enriched Academy: 

Enriched Academy  is on a relentless mission to educate Canadians from all walks of life how to build Wealth in a completely engaging and entertaining manner.  Over the past ten years, Enriched Academy has conducted thousands of presentations for Students, Entrepreneurs and Professional Athletes teaching financial mastery and how to create permanent financial abundance.  

Enriched Academy is also one of the most successful business deals ever featured on the hit show Dragon’s Den. Jim Treliving, owner of Boston Pizza, and Bruce Croxon, founder of Lavalife, signed on as official spokespeople with Enriched Academy in 2013 and remain active today.

What You'll Learn: 

Understanding Debt: You will gain a complete understanding of debt (credit cards, mortgages, lines of credit, etc.) and how to use debt to your advantage. For those in debt, we’ll help you create a plan to get out of it. 

How to Take Full Advantage of Your TFSA and RRSP: Many Canadians do not understand the power of these savings vehicles.   You will walk away with full knowledge of how to put them to work for you. 

Creating Passive Income: You will leave with a plan to create consistent cash flow working towards replacing your income through strategic investments.  

How to Minimize and Control Your Taxes: A professional accountant will teach you how to minimize your taxes and put thousands of dollars back into your pocket.

Understanding the Financial Industry, Fund Performance & Fees: We recommend that you bring your investment statements to the event (if you have them).   We will look at the fees you may be paying as well as the quality of your current investments.  We also look at how to find the very best Financial Advisor for you.

Investing in The Stock Market: We cover a powerful system on how you can generate a conservative 6-9% return on the money you invest in the stock market.

Investing in Real Estate: We will provide you with a step-by-step process on how to buy investment properties as well as the best practices behind managing investment properties successfully.  

Insurance and Wills: We will look at the key ingredients behind Insurance and Wills.

Private Lending: Private lending is one of Canada top growing investment opportunities generating 10-15% returns for investors. We will equip you with the tools and knowledge to take advantage of this opportunity.

Tools and Resources (Free for Attendees):

  1. Net Worth Tracker- $299.99 Value

  2. Step by step guide to finding the right financial advisor - $199.99 Value

  3. Property Analyzer and Rent Analyzer - $999.99 Value

  4. Private lending contracts, scripts, and additional provisions - $2999.99 Value  

The Presenters:

Kevin Cochran: Over the last 15 years, Kevin has been one of the most sought-after speakers on the necessity of money management for Canadians. Having been showcased on radio and television programs across the country, Kevin has spoken to well over 100,000 people including professionals, students, schools, communities and corporations on the importance of financial literacy and how to create a foundation for personal wealth.

Jay Seabrook: Jay began investing in the market at the age of 16 and had purchased his first investment property by the age of 24. Jay is a financial self-education sponge having read or listened to hundreds of books and seminars in the quest of business, financial and life success. Jay has run hundreds of Enriched Academy events over the years.

Kevin and Jay worked together in key roles within successful businesses while developing Enriched Academy’s curriculum. They recently sold one of their businesses at a valuation of $123 Million.


“Investing in the resources that Enriched Academy offers, can, without a doubt pay for itself in the first five minutes! There was so much valuable content. Absolutely worth every penny.” -Wendy O’Hearn

"As someone that is skeptical of events like this, I found the information presented to be extremely helpful and even life changing." -Brian Fitzgerald

“It was an absolutely fabulous presentation. It's a lot of information that I look forward to applying with the action steps you provided us!” - Lisa Nash

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