The Empowering Mind-Shift Tour

Thursday  6 June  2019  6:30 PM    Thursday  6 June  2019 9:00 PM
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Last update 07/06/2019

Are you sleepwalking, just existing, trapped in a cycle or on autopilot everyday? I know it! Life is complicated, stressful and challenging, so I would like to offer you the opportunity to wake up, release the negativity and reset your life! This motivational and inspiring event will clarify your purpose, help you manifest your goals in order to live your dream life and allow you the opportunity to experience a Mind-Shift like no other! This enlightening and exciting experience will honestly transform your life forever!
This Exclusive and Enlightening Event offers the following:
�The Real Secret to “The Secret”: How to Accelerate The Manifestation of Success.
�Understanding Why You are “Blocked” from achieving your dreams.
�Effective Mindfulness and Wellness Strategies.
�The importance of Gratitude.
�A simple blueprint to tapping into your mind’s abilities to attain everything you’ve ever wanted.
�Subconscious Mind-Shift Experience: A very relaxing group hypnosis session to clear self-esteem issues, self worth issues and not feeling like your enough issues.
�Road Map to achieving your Purpose and Achieving goals and balance in all aspects of your life.
�New Internal/External Affirmation Techniques to shift your vibrational experience.
�Q & A Session
You will also receive:
�A Free Seminar Package outlining the session.
�A Free Gratitude Journal and Affirmation accessories.
�A chance to win a Free One on One RTT Session with Sudon Daigle.
�A chance to win a signed copy of Sudon’s new book: Three Words To Live By: Empowering and Mindful Lessons to Living a Purposeful Life.
�The opportunity to purchase a Confidence/ Self-Esteem Mind-Shift Hypnosis recording.
�An opportunity to purchase a Consultation and RTT session for a special seminar price.

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Radisson Kingswood Hotel & Suites, Fredericton, NB
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