Wake The F*** Up Tour: Wake Up And Live Your Best Life!

Thursday  6 June  2019  6:30 PM    Thursday  6 June  2019 9:00 PM
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Last update 13/05/2019


Life is complicated, stressful and challenging, so I would like to offer you the opportunity to wake up, release the negativity and reset your life! This enlightening and exciting experience will honestly transform your life forever! I will be offering my expertise as a Transformational Life Coach, RTT Therapist, Law of Attraction Coach and Motivational Speaker to transform your life! 


*Remove stress and negativity from your life.

*Feel empowered.

*Define your purpose.

*Find your passion.

*Learn a super easy way to accelerate your goals. 

*Enjoy a balanced life.

*Reconnect with what you really want in life.

*Experience a Mind-Shift like no other!


This enlightening and exciting life-changing experience will transform your self perception, life experience and personal awareness forever!

This Exclusive and Enlightening Event offers the following:

⭐️The Real Secret to “The Secret”: How to Accelerate The Manifestation of Success.
⭐️Understanding Why You are “Blocked” from achieving your dreams.
⭐️Effective Mindfulness and Wellness Strategies.

Understand how Neuroplasticity works in your brain in order to change unwanted habits and thinking.

⭐️The importance of Gratitude.
⭐️A simple blueprint to tapping into your mind’s abilities to attain everything you’ve ever wanted.
⭐️Subconscious Mind-Shift Experience: A very relaxing group hypnosis session to clear self-esteem issues, self worth issues and not feeling like your enough issues.
⭐️Road Map to achieving your Purpose and Achieving goals and balance in all aspects of your life.
⭐️New Internal/External Affirmation Techniques to shift your vibrational experience.
⭐️Q & A Session

You will also receive:
⭐️A Free Seminar Package outlining the session.
⭐️A Free Gratitude Journal and Affirmation accessories.
⭐️A chance to win a Free One on One RTT Session with Sudon Daigle.
⭐️A chance to win a signed copy of Sudon’s new book: Three Words To Live By: Empowering and Mindful Lessons to Living a Purposeful Life.
⭐️The opportunity to purchase a Confidence/ Self-Esteem Mind-Shift Hypnosis recording.
⭐️An opportunity to purchase a Consultation and RTT session for a special seminar price.

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Radisson Kingswood Hotel & Suites, Fredericton, NB
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Radisson Kingswood Hotel & Suites, Fredericton, NB
41 Kingswood Way, Hanwell, NB, Canada
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