Turning the Web into your Data Playground

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Turning the Web into your Data Playground
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Wed 1 April 2020
Wednesday 1 April 2020
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

By 2025, it is estimated that 463 exabytes of data – the equivalent of nearly 213 million DVDs -- will be created globally each day. Most of this data will be stored and accessed virtually.

Often described as “the new oil,” data too requires extraction and processing to transform it from its raw form into a usable substance capable of driving forward advances in business, science, technology, and many other fields of human endeavor.

Unlike oil, however, with the proper knowledge, data on the web can be quite accessible to anyone, without the need for expensive tools or intermediaries.

This talk will demonstrate how learning some simple programming skills can help you transform your work by enabling you to treat the internet as an open repository of data.


1.      Learn how to look below the surface of any webpage.

2.    Understand the process of collecting data from a live website and cleaning it up for analysis.

3.      See how a few simple lines of code can radically alter the way you access online data.

4.      Discover the potential benefits that web data collection can yield for you and your organization.


  • Presentation: 10:00am-11:30am

  • Networking: 11:30am-12:00pm

Light refreshments available

About the Speaker: Sami Khoury

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Sami Khoury served as a US open source officer, linguist, and analyst for over 15 years. A subject matter expert in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tradecraft and operations and in large scale public data collection and mining, Mr. Khoury became a sought-after training developer, designer, and instructor, delivering training to intelligence, law enforcement, and military personnel worldwide in diverse subject areas ranging from OSINT procedures, tools, and methods to natural language processing and machine learning.

Institution Profile: McMaster University Centre for Continuing Education (CCE)

The McMaster University Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) has inspired people to discover and achieve through lifelong learning since 1931.
Students value our quality instructors with industry experience and the flexibility and convenience of courses offered at night, on weekends, and online. As one of Canada’s largest and leading providers of academic certificate and diploma programs, professional development education, and corporate training, McMaster CCE’s purpose is to develop and realize the potential of both individuals and society by providing the education to thrive in a dynamic world. 
Our team is approachable, professional, and passionate. We offer more than 200 courses and workshops that blend both theoretical knowledge and practical application to help you build your skills and expand your career. Areas of focus include Business & Management, Communication & Design, Health & Social Services and Metallurgy.
Whether you want to upgrade your current skills, earn a professional designation or make a career change, McMaster’s programs will open the doors to learning and accomplishment.




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Innovation Factory
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