The Art of Embodied Human

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Sacred Truth; The Art of Embodied Human
- - - -
What does it mean to be Human?
What does it mean to be embodied?
What about Sacred?
What does this mean to you?
And Truth? What is this?
Join us in this classroom exploration as we dig deep into the roots of being Human, dissect the understandings around what is Sacred, and welcome a deeper recognition and awareness towards the essence of Truth.
- - - -
Why understand this?
It is important that we understand the pieces that work together to create us to be the Human beings that we are, as it is through understanding that we can allow the fear that blocks our ways from our embodiment to begin to transform.
It is through welcoming these understandings that can embody more of our authentic essence and welcome our truthful capacity to be all it is that we truly are.
It is through exploring through the fundamental nature of our beings that we can uncover the knowings of the interconnectedness between us and all that is.
This classroom exploration is the ground work and uncoverings that can be applied to any and all aspects of your life. In applying these fundamental principles that we discuss in class, your ability to enhance and enrich your life becomes evident, birthing more ease and harmony into your reality, from the inside out.
- - - -
Aspects of these classroom will also explore into the ways of Alchemy; the transformation of Iron into Gold.
Unlocking the door to these principles allows one to discover the ways to transform ones inner densities into that of lightness, into harmony and into right relationship and balance.
Through understanding the inner alchemical experience and the ingredients contained within, the transformation into the entirety of the Human Experience can take place.
- - - -
What do we explore?
- We explore through the Elemental Nature of our beings and how the elements work together to create our systems.
- We explore through the energies of Masculine and Feminine and how these energies be within our beings; how they work together to create harmony, and how when imbalanced can create disharmony.
- We explore through the ways in which we are continually being created, and restructured, through our mental body, emotional body, physical body and energy body. These bodies are always moving, are always working together, and are always active in one capacity or another.
- We explore through our senses and learn ways to open and expand our sensory awareness to allow us to experience more of what is available to us as Humans and embody ourselves through these senses.
- - - -
Please bring along with you a journal and pen as this is a classroom discussion in which you have the time and space to take notes.
This is an experiential exploration, meaning that the words and insight shared have the ability to take you through an inner experience, which becomes your own experience, unlike any others in the room. The ways in which you interpret and apply the understandings is your very own and unique depiction, this is where the Art comes in.
You are your own creation. You are your own masterpiece that is continually being created. How you understand the ways in which your brush strokes, or how the paint is applied into the picture that is you is completely unique to you and your own perception.
Explore with us the Sacred Truth and the Art of Embodied Human.
If you have any questions, please contact Jordi at or directly through messenger.
- - - -
Registration: 33$
Please email transfer your registration to
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- - - - -
Bring along with you;
Yoga Mat
Journal and writing tool
Water Bottle
- - - - -
Class begins: 11:00am
Class ends: 3:00pm
The Medicine Nest Victoria
52-532 Herald St
- - - -
About your Guide;
Jordi Lydia Klassen; Founder and visionary behind Inner Awakenings, SHE and the expressionist behind sheisishe.
‘ I am on a mission, a quest if you will, and a continuous journey to live within the fullness of this gift of a life that I have to live, and to then share the gifts that I uncover and discover along the way.
I believe we have an abundance of resources available to us to create a reality that is incredibly fulfilling, rewarding and sustainable. It is up to each one of us however, on an individual level to recognize and utilize these resources.
Through Self-Discovery and embodied awareness I believe that we can open the gateways into the gardens we have all been seeking, all in our own ways, throughout out own truths. We are the Alchemists, we are the great Artists, we are the Embodied Bliss, we are the ones we have been waiting for. ‘
Jordi creates containers for individuals to dive deep on the inside, to further experience their being, and to then welcome a deeper embodiment of the Truth that arises to the surface through such presence. These containers are held for self discovery and experiential awareness, alongside classroom explorations to evolve the intellectual aspect of your understanding to further sustain embodiment and evolved awareness.
Jordi is a Mother, Writer and Guide, a Reiki Master Intuitive and a Vision Carrier within Truth of the Sacred.
Welcome yourself home into the Divine Truth that you organically are.

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