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Tuesday  14 May  2019  9:00 AM    Tuesday  14 May  2019 10:00 AM
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With humour and motivation, students leave feeling like they can crush their obstacles and soar to the top! No matter where you are in life, sometimes students just need to be inspired. You have great students who just need to push their inner power. That's never easy with Bullying, Diversity, Social Media, and Fast Forward pace of today.
Tracy turns 'No' into accepted counter offers. She shares how she: Exceeded Uncertainties with deep capable belief till sailed at World Cups; Embraced Possibilities despite wipeouts in the trees on ski runs called OMG 'Oh Me Gooodness'; and how she Earned Independence hanging of cliffs by sorting out the right life lines in her friends. What you focus on grows! Who you surround yourself with is who you become.
Followed by a Question and Answer that is always engaging and no one wants to end.
Learning Highlights:
Everyone included, Nobody Left Behind. [Bullying, Positive Body Image]
Person first, Just ask, Just Listen. [Making Good Choices]
You can do it! No excuses. [How to be happy]
Perseverance, Resilience, Determination. [Anxiety, Stress]
I speak to audiences 12 to 20, 000 would you believe? Spoke to lots of schools around 600 in size K-12.
Typically, I speak for 20-30 minutes interactively and then question and answer that lasts 30 minutes and then teachers are forced to cut it off as they never seem to want to stop.
“Tracy’s inspiring personal story of how she has overcome barriers and her personal beliefs that anyone can make a difference and is "unstoppable", leaves your students feeling Unstoppable too!” Derek Logan, Principal, Kingsway College Private Elementary School
“Many of our kids face pretty big challenges everyday... challenges we can never imagine. Challenges that break our hearts. I think what Tracy offers them is a new perspective. They see her and they think wow... look at what she can do! And I believe that it gives them hope. It gives them hope that one day they too can do amazing things... perhaps things that neither they nor us nor anyone else has dreamt for them up until this point. And seriously... is there anything more important than that???? I don’t think so.”
Jodi Albrecht, Principal, Coronation Public School
Newspaper Article about a visit from Tracy: https://www.todaysnorthumberland.ca/2019/02/16/upstoppable-tracy-if-you-have-no-excuses-you-have-no-limits/
3 Minute clip of Nobody Left Behind 2019... blew my mind it took off with over 11 million views!! It is a useful fit for your newsletter or email list to Teachers and Parents.
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