Spiritual Awakening for Beginners

Sunday  28 January  2018  10:00 AM
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Last update 29/01/2018

Have you been experiencing different feelings with your body and not sure what is happening? Are you receiving intuitive feeling, depressions for hearing things that you really don't understand? Or perhaps you have been guided to learn more about chakra's, Angels or mediumship and how to connect with your higher self?

This Workshops have been intuitively designed for those who are 
ready to Spiritually Awaken their natural born Sixth Sensory abilities. It is also designed to help you understand What is Spiritual Awakening? Signs and symptoms of your awakening., Why your awakening can be overwhelming and to make it easier on you.Spiritual awakening and mental health Lastly, how to stop challenging symptoms and make your awakening a positive experience.

There are many minds or many facets of one universal Consciousness. And each of these facets experiences their own individual reality. Undeniably countless similarities can be found among these perspectives. That's because it is one Consciousness experiencing all of it.

So, if in your reality, you experience that many are waking up or is on the verge to it, then a wave of spiritual awakening is a real phenomenon in your world.

Thus, probably not all individuals experience this in their realities, but I think it's good enough to see this in one's own reality :) It certainly is a good sign indicating towards one's own awakening.

Similarly, awakening or an interest in spiritual matters doesn't happen, because there is "objectively" much more information about it. The Consciousness is waking up in a particular individualized perspective and within this dream it manifests as stumbling upon certain books, certain webpages, seemingly resulting in an interest and a conscious spiritual path.

Date Sunday Jan, 28, 2017
Cost $80

Age 14 and up
Contact: Lisa

Payment: VISA, M/C ,Debit, AMX, Cash

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