SEO Crash Course with The Startup Coach

Tuesday  11 December  2018  6:00 PM
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Last update 12/12/2018

This Lean Startup SEO Crash Course walks you through the steps and tools you need to start ranking and driving traffic to your website. While walking through the Lean Startup SEO manual. The Startup Coach will show you the tools, tricks, and techniques. You will leave with the knowledge needed to help you succeed.
First an introduction to how google and search engines work. Second the most important step in SEO Keyword Research.

Keyword Research
Why is keyword research so important?
What exactly is a keyword?
How to generate a massive list of keywords.
Where to find keywords that will send traffic to your site.
How to find keywords for easy rankings.

On Page SEO.
First, How to structure your site for easy and automatic SEO.
Second, Site load speed—Google magic dust.
Third, How to make Google pick up the keywords you want.
Fourth, Usability—the new SEO explained.
Fifth, How to get more people clicking on your rankings in Google.
Sixth, The usual suspects—sitemaps.xml and robots.txt.
Seventh, Duplicate content—canonical tags and other fun.
Eighth, Readability—SEO for the future.
Ninth, How to accelerate traffic and rankings with fresh content.

Link building. How to rank extremely high on Google.
Why is link building so important?
The dirty little secret no one wants to tell you about link building.
How to acquire links and what to avoid in link building.
Anchor text. What’s all the fuss?
Simple link building strategies.
and finally, Advanced link building strategies.

Social Media & SEO
Is social media so important for SEO?
Google+ & SEO.
Facebook & SEO.
Twitter & SEO.
and the Other social networks.
finally, Social media analytics.

Web analytics How to measure your success.
Why use Google Analytics?
How to use Google Analytics.
Organic Search report.
Common web analytics terms explained.
Other web analytics tools.

Troubleshooting common SEO problems & how to fix them
What to do when your site is not listed in Google at all.
How to seek professional help for free.
What to do when your rankings have dropped off.
When your business is not ranking for your own business name.
What to do when your site has been penalized by the Penguin update.

Local SEO. SEO for local businesses.
Why use local SEO?
How to rank high with local SEO.
Local search ranking factors.
Getting started with local SEO.
Building citations.
Local SEO ranking checklist & essential resources.
Building reviews.

The new meta: Microformats, Microdata, & Facebook Open Graph
Powerful SEO tools.
Google Algo updates
Quick & Dirty PPC with AdWords
This is one of 3 Crash Courses developed by The Startup Coach

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Social Media Crash Course

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