Saddle Up Saints

Saturday  17 August  2019  9:30 AM    Saturday  17 August  2019 3:30 PM
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Last update 18/08/2019

It's Time to Get Ready to Move out!

The Cloud is moving and the season is shifting! We are now on the edge of a great Awakening that will usher in the greatest Harvest the Church has yet seen. The need of the hour is for a Church mobilized to go out into the fields to work with the Lord of the Harvest!  

Chuck Pierce recently prophesied: “This is a time to get back in the saddle. Many of you have said, ‘I am tired of riding the range - I’m tired of patrolling - I’m tired of even the war of the field ‘ but I say to you I’m calling you back to the saddle and you might say, ‘it’s too hard for me to even get my foot on the step to straddle the horse, but I say to you there is a supernatural call from Me being extended today. Throw your leg up, find your footing in the stirrup and get back in the saddle for now is a time to ride into some new fields for your range is expanding.” ( 2019)

Come out and get your fire rekindled and your batteries recharged! Join us for teaching, equipping and impartation sessions that are designed to envision you for moving forward in your Kingdom assignment.

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Mary Audrey RaycroftMary Audrey Raycroft

Mary Audrey Raycroft is the founder of Releasers of Life Ministries, called to awaken, equip and release the Saints into their full potential and destiny. Mary Audrey is a dynamic teacher who masterfully draws rich meat from the Word of God to feed the hungry of heart. She is a Teaching Pastor at Catch The Fire Toronto and has served the Lord for over 30 years, ministering locally and internationally, through Conferences, Retreats and Seminars. Her emphasis is on themes such as Finding Your Place in the Body of Christ, Biblical Equality For Women and The Gifts of the Spirit. Mary Audrey is a carrier of Revival releasing the Presence of God where she ministers.  Her current book, Once Upon a Revival, has been well received as a subjective over-view of the “Toronto Blessing” which has impacted thousands of people from around the world since 1994.

Faith Marie Baczko

Faith Marie Baczko

Faith Marie Baczko is the Founder and President of Headstone International Ministries—a Ministry rich and robust in the purposes and plans of God for this hour. Faith is a prophetic minister, teacher and author, bringing significant revelation to mobilize, equip and strengthen the Body of Christ for this notable season of history. Faith has a deep desire to see the Army of God to Arise with passion and power. She has ministered at conferences and has authored many books and teaching Manuals to equip the Body of Christ. Faith's writings and prophetic words are featured regularly on the The Elijah List.

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