Reiki Level 2 Certification

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As you embark on this Journey into the Second Degree of Reiki or Reiki Level II, you will be expanding your understanding of energy, developing you intuitive healing abilities, and possibly laying the foundation for a new venture as you begin to work with clients. Whatever goal you are moving toward, this is a time for expansion and inclusion, as you further develop your Reiki practice and your healing knowledge. Sessions will become much more fluid and comfortable, as you become more familiar and sensitive to subtle energies. As you work, your sessions may be guided by your own intuition, resting your hands in one part of the body while you work energetically on a different area of the body. You might also find that as you become more comfortable with channeling healing, you will be gifted with insight and messages for yourself or the healing recipient. Whatever your personal experiences, we will work together to expand your healing awareness as well as your intuition around healing, opening you up to new possibilities and incredible insight around your practice.
Reiki II Symbols and Illustrations, their meaning and uses
• Distance Healing
• Group Distance Healing
• Clearing Energy
• Manifestation
• Protective shield
• Clearing and protective your environment
• Removing energy blocks in aura
~ Receive Level 2 Attunement
~Receive Level 2 Canadian Certification Certificate
~Canadian reiki association credential certified
Yogis Choice Reiki Training is compliant with the Canadian Reiki Association’s requirements. Students are eligible to become Registered Practitioners with the CRA following the completion of the training and subsequent case studies. Students are required to complete twenty-four case studies, twelve of which can be completed.
Space is limited 6 student MAXIMUM
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