Reiki 1& 2 -Certification

Saturday  13 January  2018  10:00 AM    Monday  15 January  2018 6:00 PM
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Last update 16/01/2018

You are warmly invited to join this Reiki Level One and Level 2 class and experience the deep peace and inner healing and peace that Reiki brings.

Reiki Level I  & 2 is the start of multiple level of certification. During this course you learn about the reiki energies, their source, and the founder of the Usui system of reiki healing, Mikao Usui. You receive your first attunement to the reiki ray and learn the hand positions for both self reiki and treatment for a client. After Level I, you may practice on yourself, gift sessions to your family and friends, and may share reiki with plants and animals.


Level 2 During this Reiki training you will receive additional powerful Reiki symbols that enable for further healing. You will also learn how to heal someone from a distance. The traditional ancient symbols on this level are 70X more powerful than in level 1 so your healing becomes shorter in time frame and more efficient on others. 

Attunement to Reiki Level 2 opens your heart chakra, which is the mid-point and connector between the physical and spiritual or universal realms. Once your heart chakra opens, your intuition increases and your sensitivity to subtle energies are heightened.
Your desire to become attuned to Reiki Level 2 will happen when you are ready to move further into the deeper dimensions of healing with Reiki such as…..
Distant/absentee healing
Healing deeper traumas
Healing crises
Healing relationships
Healing situations (personal or global)
Healing situations from the past, present or the future

This Usui Reiki Ryoho level One class Saturday and level 2 Sunday:

* is 16 hours long (2 x 8 hours days)
* includes hands on practice of everything taught
* includes time for questions
* includes certificate and manual
* covers the history of reiki, the 5 reiki precepts, hand positions for self treatment and treatment of others and more.
* teaches simple meditation practices
* relaxed and in-depth - you will feel confident + comfortable with what you are learning.
* Payment plans are available, please inquire.

Learning reiki is a life changing experience. It is a daily practice that has the power to transform you as an individual, while helping you facilitate healing and transformation in those who are also ready and willing to begin the process in themselves. The benefits include deeper connection to source, heightened intuition, greater understanding of who you are, greater sense of compassion and inner peace, and a source of relief from ailments like chronic pain, sleep disorders, mental conditions etc.

I have been facilitating healing with Reiki since 2011 and am a Usui Reiki Master-Teacher

Cost $420 

Or  level 1 $210 (Saturday)

level 2 $210 (Sunday

Age 14 and up

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