Quantum Healing Workshop - Dr. Valentina Onisor

Saturday  17 August  2019  9:00 AM    Saturday  17 August  2019 5:00 PM
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Last update 18/08/2019

Quantum healing is the creative healing / spontaneous healing that many people have experienced without any medical intervention of any sort. It can also be achieved through a step-by-step creative process. Through both intellectual and experiential sessions, in this workshop we will ponder upon various aspects of healing and awareness. We will also delve into the science of the heart and show how that what we call the ''opening of the heart'' can heal you.
What you will accomplish in this workshop:
- Understand the concept of quantum healing and the stages in creativity and how to become your own quantum doctor.
- Learn about the science of the heart and creativity of the vital energies and participate in a series of group unison experiential healing sessions.
- Learn an efficient and accessible method for centering in the spiritual heart and a series of transformative creative methods towards the healing of our heart.
- Step towards emotional maturity and supramental intelligence and learn how to live in an integrated way, alchemizing almost instantly any state, working through suffering and life crisis.

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