Stop Paying Hidden Investment Fees!! - ONLINE WEBINAR

Stop Paying Hidden Investment Fees!! - ONLINE WEBINAR
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Tue 26 May 2020
Tuesday 26 May 2020
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

This workshop will save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars… Even if you never work with us… And it’s free!

Don’t take our word for it… Look at these recent headlines…

Canadians are allowing themselves to be gouged, and losing a great deal of their own money in the process. - Amanda Lang, CBC News

Canada is ranked among the worst in fees for financial products – Globe & Mail

A Marketplace report looked at Canada's five biggest banks — CIBC, Royal Bank, Toronto-Dominion Bank, Bank of Montreal and Scotiabank — and found most offer little clarity on how the fees work and how much they cost.

You are likely being gouged right now and this workshop will show you how to stop the bleeding immediately.

If you are like most Canadians you aren’t even aware of ALL the HIDDEN FEES buried within your investment holdings…BECAUSE they are LEGALLY HIDDEN.

In this workshop we’ll show you how to find every hidden fee in your investments, including MER’s, Commissions, Trading Fees, Deferred Sales Charges, Front-End Sales Charges, Transaction fees, Administration fees, Custodial fees and many more!

Isn’t it worth 90 minutes of your time to save tens of thousands of dollars?

Why do I do this workshop and why is it free?

In working with my planning clients I’ve discovered that they are often paying exorbitant fees and they are not even aware. I was so ashamed of these industry practices that I decided to do something about it. So even if you never want to work with me, I still want you to come to this workshop to learn how to protect yourself from these legal shenanigans from the unscrupulous advisors who hope you never look that closely.

Why are these fees legal?

They are legal as long as they are disclosed in writing as part of a prospectus or other offering document, but these documents are intentionally dozens or hundreds of pages long to ensure that nobody reads them. If you don’t know where to look and how to find them, you’ll end up paying them and never know because they won’t show up on your statements. Should this be legal? NO! Absolutely not! But until the laws are changed, it is up to you to learn to protect yourself.

Isn’t this stuff a bit dry for a workshop?

YES, and it will be worth every minute of your time because you will save thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands. You’ll also likely leave a bit steamed at whoever sold you all those financial products stuffed with fees. But wouldn’t you rather know? We’re talking about enough money to buy a car! Some investors are paying enough in hidden fees to buy a new car every year! Are you willing to walk away from that?

Do I have to attend the workshop? Can’t you just go through my statements and identify my hidden fees?

Yes, I will do that for you if you wish…at no charge. I will do that because I believe in giving back to the community and because it is the right thing to do. I won’t even ask you to become my client. Not even once. I would still suggest you go through the workshop though, because the better you understand hidden fees and how to find them, the better off you will be forever.

What will I get from the workshop?

       1. Our Truth in Fees Exercise will show you how to find these hidden fees in any investment product you are considering now or in the future.
       2. You will learn about the horrific IMPACT these fees have on your ability to achieve your financial goals.
       3. You will leave with a crystal clear picture of the FULL COSTS of every financial product you own.
       4. You will learn the difference between hidden fees, fee-based advice and fee-only advice. (They are radically different!)
       5. You will learn what you are paying in dollars and as a percentage for each investment product.
       6. You will learn what a “fair” fee should be for each product. (Shockingly the answer may be ZERO!!)

Who should attend?

Successful Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Professionals who appreciate a higher fiduciary standard and a culture of full disclosure. Spouses and adult children often find the workshop particularly interesting and amazing. Please bring them along!

Stop Overpaying!

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Ideal Life Experience Ltd.
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