UBCO Quantitative Sciences Course Union - QSCU
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UBCO Quantitative Sciences Course Union - QSCU

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UBCO Quantitative Sciences Course Union - QSCU
3333 University Way, Kelowna, BC, Canada

The Quantitative Sciences Course Union, at UBCO. We run many events and programs for students interested in math, computer science, stats, data science and physics! We have a tutor list available at the following address: https://docs.google.com/document/d/170bhZQHwvwG9lCggZgmLWRqV_6dZH8is0y2JD3yQoGo/edit?usp=sharing Our 2017/2018 Executive Team: President (president.qscu@gmail.com): Maria Guenter Vice-President (vp.qscu@gmail.com): Colin Bernard VP Finance (treasurer.qscu@gmail.com): KT Nguyen Internal Coordinator (internal.coordinator.qscu@gmail.com): Cameron Chong External Coordinator (external.coordinator.qscu@gmail.com): Parsa Rajabi Events Coordinator (events.qscu@gmail.com): Brittany Miller Graduate Representative: Sarah McQueen Mathematics Representative: Liam Welsh Statistics/Data Science Representative: Phil Shreeves Computer Science Representative: Julius Wu Physics Representative: Robert Lalonde Digital Media Representative: Open position Please feel free to message the Facebook page or contact us at qscu.ubco@gmail.com

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