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Our society needs to build a world that values and respects the lives and interests of all human and nonhuman animals.
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Moral condemnation of animal abuse is largely shared. It is acknowledged that animals should not suffer and be killed for no reason. Yet, the consumption of meat and other animal products causes more suffering and death than any other human activity and is completely unnecessary. Eating nonhuman animals is currently a socially accepted practice in our society and is perceived as a personal choice or even as an individual right. Yet, in truth, humans have no moral right to kill 65 billion land animals and 100,000 billion aquatic animals every year worldwide. This mass murder surpasses any tragedy in history and it must change.

To change our society’s perception of nonhuman animals, we must denounce the very existence of animal-use industries. Animal exploitation, just like any other form of exploitation, implies a system that makes oppression morally acceptable and justified, and discourages challenges to its fundamental ideology. This discrimination against nonhuman animals, called "speciesism", is at the root of all animal exploitation. It concerns the whole of our society and must be addressed at a collective level. As such, animal exploitation is a political and social issue. We are now acting to obtain justice for nonhuman animals.

You can organize a march in your city! We can share with you visual material in English or French.

The March to Close all Slaughterhouses is part of a movement advocating for a society that cares for the needs of all sentient beings and that opposes any trends that promote any kind of discrimination or hatred toward anyone.

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