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The Give 'Em Hell Boys

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With two European tours and appearances at big festivals like Big Valley Jamboree under their belt The Give 'Em Hell Boys have a pocket full of brand new tunes and are ready to take on the world! It started with a shuffle beat in a room with two like-minded musicians in the most unusual of locales (Edmonton, Alberta) for a punk rock, country band. The beginnings were humble but the evolution was far from that. Like a beautiful whiskey aging in an oak barrel, or a crisp, golden ale fermenting in a vat, the music evolved into a delectable, cacophony of art and joy. Consistent gigs and a pickup truck full of songs in their repertoire kept this four piece band grooving and growing stronger in the Canadian music scene. Echoing the sentiments of their heroes, their brand of country is fused with attitude and high energy. Band frontman and rhythm guitarist Quinn Clark, or 'hat with beard' to his friends, describes the importance of a high energy live show: "It’s something that’s immensely hard and nearly impossible to convey on a record. Although we’ve tried our best to do that. I think that’s what I like most about playing in a band; a collaboration with other players. You become each other's audience". Bringing a Rock N Roll swagger, an “us against them” punk rock attitude and old fashioned country soul to a highly commercialized and stale sound has reminded us about the power that was in the roots of this genre. The live show stands above all else with the party atmosphere and high energy; it’s impossible not to dance, toe tap and have a great time at their shows. With positive reviews following in the wake of their performances, which have spanned the globe, The Give ‘Em Hell Boys are bringing back the days of Cash, Williams, and Jennings. Their debut, self-produced, album, “Barn Burner”, was nominated for Country Recording of the Year at the 2013 Edmonton Music Awards. “While compiling yesterday’s playlist, I came across a quite distinctive version of “Bizarre Love Triangle” – turned into a country tune! Naturally then I was curious to know more about the musicians who’d brought about that improbable transformation with a considerable panache, and so I made a first acquaintance with The Give ’em Hell Boys, a band hailing, as odd as this may sound, from Edmonton in Canada;” With many reviews similar to this one by Musicuratum, The Give 'Em Hell Boys are an act not to be missed if the opportunity ever arises to hear them. And those opportunities will be plenty with a plethora of festivals constantly being added to their resume. Veggfest w/ Tom Cochrane, Corb Lund and Charlie Major, A Taste of Edmonton, Music on the Mountain, and so many more are just a few of the local festivals they have, and will continue to play at. Fresh off of a 2016 tour of Western Europe has spread the message, loud and clear, that this foursome is altering the spectrum of country music, so don't be left in dark.

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