Tallack Martial Arts
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Tallack Martial Arts

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Tallack Martial Arts
2777 Princess Street, Kingston, ON, Canada

Tallack Martial Arts Facebook group, founded for Past, Present and Future members of Tallack Martial Arts. Tallack Martial Arts is the largest Martial Arts facility in Kingston. Our two story building has multiple training rooms. Come out and visit! We provide classes for Children, Teens and Adults all separated by age and experience. Tallack Martial Arts specializes in Character Development for Children. We are focused on training children to be happy, respectful individuals with the confidence to handle life's daily challenges. Tallack Martial Arts provides traditional training for adults in Okinawan Karate and Kobudo, Jujutsu, Kung-Fu, Iaido, Chinese Lion Dance, and Traditional Japanese Taiko Drumming. Experience the history, philosophy and traditions, handed down through generations of Martial Artists.

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