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Let go of all limiting beliefs and embrace the Divinity within you. Celebrate your life. Awaken your consciousness to perceive new realities, new realms of possibilities. Let us rejoice as we celebrate this awakening. It is an unprecedented time on Planet Earth. We are transitioning into an Age of Ascension, a period of Transformation of our Collective Consciousness. We are dissolving old paradigms and expanding our awareness to an Eternal Birthing of Divinity within us. We are dissolving the limiting potentials of linear time and shifting into a higher level of awareness where anything is possible. Soul Movement was founded to assist with the transition into the "Age of Love" The Divine Blueprint of Soul Movement contains high-frequency light energy that is ever expansive and creative, similar to the blueprint of our open-ended universe. We are The Ones We have been Waiting for and We are Being The Change We Wish To See! Soul Movement is dedicated to providing our community with a space to meet regularly and express themselves free of judgment. All of our events promise to provide our guests a high vibration space free of negativity in an alcohol and substance-free environment. 20% of the proceeds of our Dance events are donated to Charitable causes around the world. We are currently working with a Community in Uganda, and have succeeded in bringing them clean, drinking water. Thank you to every single one of you who has supported us in this journey.

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