Publishers of great books about mountain culture, adventure travel, environmental consciousness, contemporary photography, and more. We "Think Outside."
RMB is one of Canada's more vibrant, long-standing and evolving book publishing endevours. Established in 1979 as a publishing company that dealt primarily with guidebooks for hikers, climbers and skiers RMB has reimagined itself for the 21st century and now successfully publishes and promotes a dynamic, growing list of provocative, engaging and award-winning books on mountain history, adventure travel, outdoor culture, environmental consciousness, contemporary photography and children's books.

Our seasonal offerings are always unique and we're proud of the diverse lists that we continue to put forward. We're thankful to be working with a growing string of professional authors who are passionate believers in what they do and who are also experts in their fields. As such, our books are published, edited, designed, marketed and promoted by a similarly devoted and focused team of four idealistic, tireless individuals who strive to grow RMB's publishing program into one that regularly exceeds expectations, challenges industry norms and appeals to a broad readership.

Don Gorman | Publisher
Acquisitions, Rights, Sales
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