A festival with purpose! We donate 100% of proceeds to the Rise&Shine Foundation's Captain Camps which create enriched youth sport environments.
It is with great honor to present the first annual Rise & Shine FamJam Fundraiser; a festival with purpose! Our mission is to build a community deeply rooted in the practice of cultivating authentic and meaningful connections and the practice of altruistic giving. Through music and dance we aspire to create enriched sport environments for young athletes by donating 100% of the festival proceeds to the Rise & Shine Foundation’s Captain Camps (hyper-link). These camps empower athletes to pursue their passions and develop a well-rounded skillset, with curriculum specifically built around creating a balance of elite sport training and all-encompassing life skills.

In alignment with the Captain Camp’s ethos, the FamJam Fundraiser will incorporate fun and shenanigans beyond the decorated line-up of talented artists. A fully immersive environment will include all sorts of interactive activities to keep festival goers engaged, connected and above all, having an awesome time!

Two stages nestled below the majestic Mount Currie in Pemberton BC, will boast PK and Portmanteau Stereo sound, live visuals and performances and some of the best homegrown BC talent. Join us for one full day and one full night of progressive and energetic party vibes blended with a family friendly feel. Get in touch with your inner kid while giving back to the community- party with purpose!