Metro Vancouver's premier social justice documentary film fest: Uniting learners through social justice, global citizenship, & creative solution-building
KDocs is KPU’s very own Documentary Film Festival, led by learners and educators from all of KPU’s communities. KDocs contributes to KPU’s engagement of various and varied communities, through documentary screenings and community dialogue, in critical thinking and understanding about ourselves, our communities, and our world.

As a premier event in Metro Vancouver, KDocs celebrates the power of documentary film. Working in partnership with the Vancouver International Film Centre + Vancity Theatre, each KDocs events showcase award-winning documentary films, keynote speakers, filmmakers, panelists, exhibitors, and community members. Participants will engage in lively discussion, debate, and dialogue as they investigate today’s most pressing global issues.

Building strong partnerships in and across KPU’s many communities was (and still is) a foundational goal of KDocs—that is, to be a documentary film festival that is not just faculty-driven with narrow goals, but also student-, staff-, alumni-, and community-driven, with a global-facing, social justice education mission rooted in student engagement. We are extremely proud of the many connections and collaborations KDocs has initiated, built, and deepened, on campus and off. We look forward to further engaging with and on behalf of Kwantlen’s many learners.