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Writer/creative director/creative entrepreneur, Gavin Barrett is co-founder of the idea consultancy and brand advertising agency barrettandwelsh.   Gavin's poetry has been published in Penguin India’s anthology of 14 contemporary Indian poets, Reasons for Belonging, the journal of Pen India, The Folio, The Independent, The Toronto South Asian Review, and Poeisis - the journal of the Bombay Poetry Circle.   Gavin's first jobs were: door-to-door market researcher, poet, pharmaceutical sales manager (not a euphemism) and musical production manager. His work has: run in 35 countries; helped elect prime ministers; attracted the ire of the lawyers for Dolly the clone sheep; drawn angry crowds in Lagos; been studied in business texts in Canada and India; attracted criticism from a fictional character in a John Irving novel.    He has been raised by several notable feminists including his mother, his wife, his two daughters and his scruffy cocker spaniel poodle Aly. If asked they will confirm that his education, at this time, is incomplete.

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