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No matter what stage of life you're in, or what kind of lifestyle you lead, you'll find everything you want - and more - in Kitchener.

From our vital, sophisticated culture, rich in diversity, and a variety of amenities that attract urban dwellers and young talent from across the country; to our supreme quality of life, with programs and services that cater to singles, families and older adults alike - people who move here stay here.

Whether you're looking for live music and lattes in a contemporary, urban café, a scenic walking trail to traverse with your children - or grandchildren, or enriching recreational programs for youth - Kitchener has it all.

Kitchener is home to a highly innovative and diversified economy, with clusters of businesses that are continually reinventing themselves.

By investing in new sectors, such as life sciences, biotechnology, digital media, and arts and culture, we will continue to enhance our own competitiveness while fostering innovation and knowledge creation.