Explore the emotional and spiritual causes to physical dis-ease through intuition and energy. What is your body really telling you?
I started my Massage Therapy career in 1998. Since then, the bodies that I have had the honor to work on have been telling me their story of how the dis-ease has started. It is not always a physical reason why people experience pain and suffering. Many times it has to do with emotional and spiritual issues of what has happened to them or their upbringing. After years of study, classes, workshops, books and mentors, I have finally decided to explore this next chapter of my own life to further help others.

I am a Certified Medical Intuitive with training from the International College of Medical Intuition in Vancouver Canada. I look forward to helping all those seeking the root cause of anyone feeling a bit off balance.

I am also seeing clients at Wholelife Wellness in Meadow Lake, SK 306-236-6633 and practice an Integrated Massage Therapy approach to ones health.