AfriCa-Fest - African Cultural Week
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AfriCa-Fest - African Cultural Week

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AfriCa-Fest - African Cultural Week
2872 Wyndeatt Avenue, Victoria, BC, Canada

AfriCa Fest is an annual a community event that celebrates Africa’s diverse cultures & beauties through live music performance, drum & dance, arts & craft, friCa Fest is an annual outdoor community event that celebrates Africa’s diverse cultures through live music performance, drum & dance, arts & craft, African food, and workshops. The very first AfriCa Fest was held in downtown Victoria and featured both local and regional artists with roots in Guinea, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Belize, Cuba and Canada. AfriCa Fest is organized by Productions Pulchérie Mboussi on behalf of the African Communities & Cultural Society a grassroots non-profit organization in Victoria since 2012. The event is designed to appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds and particularly to anyone with an interest in world music and culture. Productions Pulchérie Mboussi. is committed to enhancing the appreciation of African cultures through music and dance in Victoria, Vancouver, BC and Canada at large. We are also committed to supporting and promoting other non-profit cultural activities and events in the province. Créée par Pulcherie M, AfriCa Fest (la FOIRE AFRICAINE) est le plus grand festival de BC consacré à l'Afrique. AfriCa Fest, le plus grand Espace de BC consacré à l'Afrique a pour cible : les Africains vivant a Victoria, au Canada, aux amoureux de l'Afrique, les amis et partenaires de l'Afrique. Notre organisme Favorise l'intégration de personnes issues de la diversité culturelle africaine, sensibilise la population locale à l'apport positif de l'immigration. "Humanity & Business for Africa" Make life better; Goals To bring together local Humanitarian Businesses in order to facilitate the sharing of ideas about fundraising, advertising & promotion, and implementation of ideas To encourage the growth of grassroots Humanitarian Businesses To raise awareness of each business's particular humanitarian interests To inform the public about the goals & values of local Humanitarian Businesses To educate the public about worldwide humanitarian challenges such as poverty, food, shelter, health, & education, among others Contact :

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