OMG! Free Neighbourhood Party | Ages 13-18

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OMG! Free Neighbourhood Party | Ages 13-18
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Fri 17 April 2020
Friday 17 April 2020
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Dear Teens, Parents, Families, and Youth Workers,

This is a free event for youth ages 13-18. The goal of this experience is to encourage teens to express themselves, and meet new friends in a safer space under adult supervision. The event's supervisors are keen on making sure that teens are enjoying their time with minimum interaction with their phones by engaging them in different activities.

At the event:

  • There will be music.
  • Free face painting.
  • Youth will be asked to create mini-performances from any storytelling form they choose (music, poetry, art, dance, etc.). With permission from parents and legal guardians, we will share these stories at and on social media to promote face-to-face social collaboration, and to celebrate Youth Week (May 1-7) and Neighbourhood House Week (May 3-9).
  • There will be free food (Vegan, Halal, Kosher options will be available). Please let us know if your loved ones have any food allergies or need any other accommodation.
  • To sign up for karaoke, please send us your name and your favourite song:

Reserve free tickets for you and your friends!


Collingwood Neighbourhood House (5288 Joyce Street, Vancouver) is located near Joyce Skytrain Station.

The first and second floors are fully wheelchair accessible, and underground wheelchair parking is available.

There are single stall, all-gender, wheelchair accessible washrooms on the first and second floors, as well as multi-stall gendered washrooms.

This is a scent-reduced space to help support the wellbeing of neighbours with sensitivities.

There is free WiFi for guests, which may impact those with electromagnetic sensitivities.

Not sure if the space is accessible for you? Please contact us to discuss your accessibility needs, including ASL translation:

The Neighbourhood House Movement

Since 1891, the neighbourhood house movement has been working with the diverse communities of British Columbia to foster human connection, a sense of belonging, and engaging diverse and intersectional communities in local activities that are affordable or free.

In today's digital era, face-to-face connection is slowly disappearing, and being replaced by digital communications and means of expression.

While these new ways of communication bring us new opportunities and power, many of us fear that these new ways of interaction have the potential create an anonymous world, where people lack empathy because of social isolation. We want to support new generations to function and thrive in collaborative social settings.

This is why neighbourhood houses offer strengths-based programs and services that welcome and attract a diversity of participants who work, learn and play alongside each other.

For more Neighbourhood House Week 2020 events, from May 3-9, and BC Youth Week Events from May 1-7, please visit

Making Contact

If you have any questions, or if you want to share a favourite song for karaoke, please feel free to connect with us. Through this drug-free and alcohol-free storytelling event, and we will create digital stories together that show the fun and value of gathering and collaborating as neighbours!


Jenny van Enckevort & Cherine Amr | 778-984-2308

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music party
Collingwood Neighbourhood House
5288 Joyce Street, Vancouver, BC, CA
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5288 Joyce Street, Vancouver, BC, CA

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Collingwood Neighbourhood House
5288 Joyce Street, Vancouver, BC, CA
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