Networking and Inspirational Leadership Event. Immigrant Women in Business

Wednesday  17 January  2018  6:00 PM
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You are kindly invited to join us Jan 17th downtown Toronto for an exclusive Business Networking event to experience inspirational leadership, resourcefulness and enthusiasm.

This event invites females thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, activists, who are looking to collaborate with core of Toronto strong women that can help grow and develop IWB -- Immigrant Women in Business organization into a real force for economic power, networking, and education for all immigrant business women in the GTA.

This event will help you to explore the question “The economy is changing - what do I need to know, experience and do to live meaningful, prosper, purpose-driven life? 

IWB specializes in integrated multicultural joint ventures that help organizations, governments and private corporations engage and connect with Canada’s diverse ethno-cultural communities to build profile and brands.

IWB’s mission is to help members increase their business through an authentic referral program, unique marketing initiatives and improve the world through positive leadership, compassion and commitment to learning, growing and giving.

6.00pm – Networking
6.30pm - Inspirational Speeches by Entrepreneurs, Women-Leaders, Activists
7:00pm - Christen N. James. Setting Goals: ‘Questions Must Ask’ ‘Goals & Progress’
7:20pm - Suzanne Hannan. ‘Go-Givers Sell More’
7:40pm - Surprise Speaker
8:00pm - Benefits to become a Member, Founding Member, and the over-all message of the Organization
8.20 - 9:00pm – Networking

Bring extra business cards so you can enter the draw to win 2018 Success Planners & Mentoring sessions with IWB Founding Members.

Christen N. James. Life Skills and Transition Coach ‘Empowering You to be who you would Love to Be’. 
Christen provides support for women seeking clarity in their personal development as they go (or prepare to go) through a professional change/transition. With her help, her clients work through any closure so that they can overcome obstacles and identify the right mode of goal-setting to develop a customized plan that will maintain happy balance between their personal and professional lives. 
“Christen James is a Gift of Contagious Positivity” S. Ratnikova


Suzanne Hannan. Giver in Action, Servant-Leader. The great upside-down misconception about sales is that it's an effort to get something from others. The truth is that sales at its best-at its most effective-is precisely the opposite: it is about giving. Giving time, attention, counsel, education, empathy, and value. In fact, the word sell comes from the Old English word sellan, which means-you guessed it-to give. And curiously, the more you give, the more you receive …
Suzanne’s varied professional experience encompasses Corporate Health & Wellness, design and pharmaceutical/medical device sales. In pursuit of personal fulfilment, she left the corporate world. Her desire for creative expression has resulted in a thriving business as an artist for the past decade. With an adventurous nature, she could be found enjoying scuba diving, rugby, horses and motorcycles. That adventurous nature also resulted in her traveling to and residing in many places around North America as well as abroad. She was drawn to living in underprivileged neighborhoods where she discovered direct individual involvement in a community makes a great difference. She truly believes that helping one person find their true happiness and realize their potential through “Paying It Forward/Giving in Action” could just change the entire world.

Founding Members:
Emma Kaufman (Israel)
Jackie Porter (Jamaica)
Sally Kane (Mauritania)
Karlyn Percil (Saint Lucia)
Andrea Carter (Germany)
Eszter Sebok (Hungary)
Dr. Edna Aryee (Ghana)
Nilgun Uzunhasanoglu (Turkey)
Tahani Aburaneh (Palestine)
Natasa Panova (Macedonia)
Mandana Attarzadeh (Iran)
Dagma Koyi (Saint Lucia)
Khady Ndoye (Senegal)
Olesya Kolisnyk (Ukraine)
Dara Clancy (NC, Canada)
Ayanna Sealey (Trinidad)
Nira Sharma (Nepal)
Robin Noble (United Kingdom)
Naira Velumyan (Armenia)
Cheryl Bedard (Canada)
Elena Paltseva (Kazakhstan)
Svetlana Ratnikova (Russia)

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Immigrant Women in Business
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Immigrant Women in Business
John Street 55, Toronto, Ontario, Canada