Mother & Daughter Connection Circle!

Sunday  16 December  2018  12:00 PM    Sunday  16 December  2018 3:30 PM
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Recurring event

Mother & Daughter Connection Circle!
From 18 Nov 2018 to 16 Dec 2018
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Mother & Daughter Connection Learning Circle:
This is a opportunity for mother’s to come together to gain support in their parenting journey and explore, learn and create opportunities to strengthen their relationships with their daughters, creating lasting memories for nourishment and positive growth. Topics may include: Journeying processes with Art, holding Space for our daughters and ourselves, nurturing emotional bonds, creating rituals and rites of passage.
Meet the learning Circle Facilitator: Soaveryn Lynn
Soaveryn is the Founder of Meraki Expressive Arts and is passionate about engaging and inspiring community, especially in supporting youth and young adults in the expressive arts movement! She has been teaching how to utilize the 'gift' of our imaginations under the Expressive Art 'umbrella' and has led Girl-Tribe events that focus on visual arts, music circles, drama fun, creative storytelling and movement (dance) experiences; with a deliberate intention to expand our relationship with our creative selves into fully authentic living! Having two daughters of her own she is familiar in creating opportunities for connection and has experiences creating rituals, rites of passages and holding support circles!
What is an Integrative Learning Circle:
A Integrative Learning Circle is focused on bringing people together to create an opportunity for learning and connections around a particular focus or passion. The circle will support the members by creating a integrative learning space where members can choose together what topics, skills and opportunities they want to explore, projects they want to create together to integrate their learning, and support they require as they embark on this 10 month journey with a Learning Circle facilitator holding space and providing connections to resources and information. Think; choose your own adventure of exploration with others who are just as passionate about the subject as your are, creating a community that can be catalysts for positive change in the world!
Benefits of Becoming a Learning Circle Member:
~~You would be supporting a Non-profit Learning Centre for sustainable living and regenerative studies and be a part of a learning community making a difference in the world through integrative holistic learning and connecting people to the earth, each other and future generations!
~~You create the curriculum together with the other circle members supported by our trained learning circle facilitators through Sociocratic methods to decide what you want to learn over the course of 10 months!
~~You can connect into a community- and have access to your favourite: teachers, mentors, learning resources, and as a nonprofit we can help negotiate possibilities to make your dream learning environment a reality!
~~You would be part of a circle focused on diving deep into an area you are interested in creating a learning community!
You would have first access, and receive advanced opportunities to sign-up for TWC events and offerings
What is The Terra Wisdom Centre?
We are a registered Non-Profit Society based out of Edmonton Area in Alberta, our mission is to create a holistic integrative learning centre of regenerative studies and earth stewardship, wisdom for multi-generational sustainability.
We are actively pursuing an educational demonstration site where people can come for short and long-term program offerings and experience the possibilities including learning skills and applied learning opportunities that demonstrate living in a way of integrity aligned with the Earth and in community with each other. We hope to create specific certifications and guilds in Natural Building, Ecological Design and Technology, Regenerative Earth Arts, Nourishment Arts, Regenerative Village Arts : Community & Collaborative studies.
How do I sign up?
To become a member you pay for a 10 month membership for one circle, the cost is $40 a month to be paid as a one time payment of $400 or payment plan over a 9 month period ($40 non -refundable registration fee and 3 payments of $125 thereafter) please note space is limited in circles and after October they are closed- to hold your spot and register please contact Payments are accepted via e-transfer, cheque or paid in cash on our registration day/Launch day on September 30th! Check out our Launch event here:

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