Mobius: CAT I Vibration Analysis (French) - Location: Montreal, QC

Tuesday  10 September  2019  0:30 AM    Thursday  12 September  2019 8:00 PM
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Mobius: CAT II Vibration Analysis
Target audience: 
The Vibration Analysis Cat I course is intended for personnel who are new to vibration monitoring and analysis, and for personnel who have limited vibration analysis experience.
Course content:
                 Maintenance practices
•             Condition monitoring
•             Principles of vibration
•             Introduction to vibration measurement
•             An introduction to the time waveform
•             An introduction to the spectrum
•             An introduction to forcing frequencies
•             Explaining the different vibration units
•             A brief introduction to phase
•             Data acquisition
•             A quick review of data acquisition
•             How do we measure vibration?
•             Where to place the sensor on the machine
•             Understanding axial, radial, vertical, and horizontal readings
•             A quick introduction to mounting the accelerometer and surface preparation
•             Naming conventions
•             What are “routes” and how do you create them?
•             Signal processing
•             A quick tour of your analyzer
•             Spectral averaging
•             Vibration analysis
•             The spectrum analysis process
•             What is resonance – a quick introduction
•             Diagnosing common fault conditions
•             Setting alarm limits
 Mechanical/Technical personnel with little or no mechanical experience
4 Days, 1 Hour lunch

Seating is limited!
Join us for the seminar and stay at the Residence Inn Philadelphia Hotel. It is conveniently located across the pasrking lot from our office and we have negotiated a special rate for rooms under the name PRUFTECHNIK Inc. To make a reservation at the hotel, please call (215) 921-8011 or book online by using the code 56U.  
For any questions please call our training coordinator at Sherry Myers at (844) 242-6296

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