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Every person has Angels and Guides preset with them at all times, regardless of whether you believe in them or not – the angels, and the energy of source – the purest essence of love are always with you. As a Certitifed Reiki Master/ Instructor , An Advanced Angel Empowerment Holistic Healer and Certified Medium , I work intuitively with the Angels and Guides to help you release anything that does not serve your highest potential  Allowing you  to connect in a deeper way to your True Nature, which is Love.

Together with the Angels & Guides we strengthen the awareness Divinity already within.  Opening up and allowing you to receive infinite blessings that are your birthright. You will receive in-depth information about challenges you may be experiencing, as well as steps you can apply immediately to set you on the path to releasing anything that does not serve you.  You will also receive pertinent information about your own unique gifts, or life’s mission.   Every session is unique and beautiful, just as you are!  I feel truly humbled and utterly blessed to have been given the gift of the ability to serve people of the world, with the assistance of the angels. Most common themes that are addressed for clients during sessions with the Angels and Guides include:

Clarity about your Life Purpose
Insight into learning opportunities inviting you to expand your higher awareness
Guidance to support your well being and empower you in any area of your life
Messages of guidance from your angel team
Energy Cord Clearing
Chakra scanning and chakra clearing
Past life healing
Parts integration
Angel Grids of protection
Energy Block removal
Cell/DNA Level Healing
Shifting Belief System/Patterns
And more. It is my intentions with each client to help by empowering and healing so that you can feel less stressed and beneift with a possible message from a pasted loved one.

Healing session can be done online or in persaon at a location in Edmonton. You will have to email me at to schedule an appointment.

Payment can be done at time of session 

Cash, Visa, MC AMX excepted

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