Lets Collab Vancouver Showcase #4

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Lets Collab Vancouver Showcase #4
Fri 3 April 2020
Friday 3 April 2020
9:00 PM - 11:59 PM

RazzVoid and KLINK Sound Technologies Present
A Lets Collab Vancouver Event

Hello friends tonight we welcome you to a night of Bass,Elelctro,lofi,halftime Dub, bass house and hiphop

this show is a weekly friday event put together by the
lets collab vancouver group.
we hope you will come join us
to promote your self or find people to work with.

tickets are 10$ presale
15$ at the door
Limited capacity

cheap food made by Razz all ways vegan friendly And cheap drinks will be avalible.

tonights musical masters are.


Vancouver's hidden music gem , VERSION, joins the party fully equipped with his non stopping house bangers, groovy tech-house selections and some nasty originals.

Classifying his music as Dirty House, be prepeared to get filthy on the dance floor with some catchy vocals, trippy synths, funky drums and heavy basslines.

A master in reading vibes, making people move and droppping fire on the dance floor, this guy is a force to be reckoned with and with his quick and smooth transitions, he is able to start a party wherver, whenever and however he wants.

As far his production skills goes, he is a AAA Certified Beat Machine, a Studio rat, making tunes on the go and has some highly anticipated releases lined up already

DJ Jollay - Basshouse set 128bpm.

Jollay is a local, Vancouver, Psychedelic Trance DJ that has branched out to bass house and techno recently. Thus bringing a psychedelic vibe mixed with banging bass and hypnotic melodies for any set she plays. Prepare for a good dance when Jollay takes control of the decks. DJ Jollay has played several small festivals from Electric love 2015, Valhalla (every year), Weekend Renegade and D6 to playing various underground shows and venues such as the Val, club23/the Hindenburg, five sixty, Levels night club, Red Gate, the red room, Bassment, and Pub340.

Check out Mixcloud.com/djjollay (only has psy sets atm)


A young, up and coming DJ in the Electronic scene, Bates is throwing it down whenever he gets the slot. Being inspired by many creators has allowed him to obtain a sound that ranges from lofi beats to halftime dub. Born and raised in Vancouver Canada, he has a respect for all varieties of sounds wherever they are created. You can catch bates at your next local gathering with many shows and bookings coming in the future! Catch his tunes here

Jordon D. Willett AKA: Who When

What bases my sole purpose as a musician today starts from the roots. Back when I first started banging on the drums in school, in bands, and orchestras, I began speratically experimenting with all the instruments I had available at the time and get to know them, which includes everything from saxaphones and flutes, all the way to bass cellos and xylophones. After years of playing around with instruments, the one that always stuck to me were, of course, the drumset. Unfortunately throughout years of moving and after graduation from highschool, it made it quite difficult to keep an instrument of that size in houses that seemed only to get smaller and smaller everytime we had to relocate livings. Losing the drums downed me for a bit, as I tried looking for other options. One day a close friend of mine said that he was buying a DJ mixer. Soon to follow I showed up over at his place, learned how to use it over weeks and weeks, finally figuring out that it has a similar vibe to playing the drums. Tempo. Timing. Cueing. Keeping the beat matched. Felt like home.

After 12 years of starting on old school Vinyl mixer set an old boss had all the way to owning a Traktor S4 that was resold at a local music store, I finally felt confident enough to show you, your friends, and also myself what I am capable of with 20 years of music background on my back! Been mixing with heavy bass, drum happy music, as well as mixing in mutliple genres together to create a orchistrated ensamble. I've currently have multiple mixes out, all recorded live (which discludes doing any mastering or editing to the finished recorded mix). This allows me to push myself further to keep tempos on beat, cues on point, and drops to be quite breathtaking. Also to remember to please keep your hardhat on at all times! Enjoy the ride on the Who When Express.


Klink is infamous for his unique style and quarky sets.
He is a librarian of world music and a curator or good vibes when it comes to the partys he plays.
Expected the unexpected and be prepaired to be taken to places uknown.

Each night we will have a wonderful artist selling their beautiful art tonights wil be

Party Well Hi-Fi earplugs
A local non-profit with the mission of co-creating a world where everyone has access to clean water by empowering people to Party Well!
5 years ago they began funding water wells with 100% charity parties and after getting supported by PK Sound, they gave out foam earplug to all attendees as a safety precaution. Within minutes, attendees were taking them out because they wanted to hear the music! Through research, they discovered high fidelity earplugs made so attendees can hear all music, undistorted, while being protected from inevitable hearing damage. Yet they also discovered that this solution is often not where people need it most & few people know of its existence! Party Well is now providing hi-fi earplugs at nightclubs & music festivals across the country & every single sale funds a lifetime of clean water for 1 person. Their goal is to fund 1 million people with clean water by 2030.

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gore ave 729
vancouver, bc, canada

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