Kingsmere-King Mountain loop

Kingsmere-King Mountain loop
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Sat 9 November 2019
Saturday 9 November 2019
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

(First draft)

1. This is a 6 km hike. (2 km from P7 to King Mountain, 2 km at King Mountain loop, and 2 km back)
2. No pets are allowed on this trail as per NCC guidelines.
3. For safety I recommend getting a pair of trekking posts for this hike, especially in wet weather. Please note this is a recommendation and not a requirement. I pre-walked the trail last Sunday without the poles. It was muddy and at the steps on King Mountain there was melting frost/ice.
4. Please follow the directions from section 3 to enter P7. The Parkways are closed for the season (see FAQ #3).

1. Trip Reports and Pictures
King Mountain fall:
Trip Report:

2. Difficulty
0 - Jack Pine, Canal, Brockville tunnel, Old Quarry Trail
1 -
2 - Waterfall, Lauriault & Mackenzie King, Carbide Willson Ruins
3 - Pink Lake, Kingsmere-King Mountain loop
4 -

3. Directions
IKEA to Gatineau P7:
Gatineau P7 to Old Chelsea pub:

4. Hiking Route
See map in the picture section.
- Go up to Trail 30 from P7
- At the split between Trail 30 and 8, go to Trail 8
- At the split between Trail 8 and 37, turn left to Trail 37
- Turn right on King Mountain loop
- After completing the loop, turn right to Trail 37
- Go along Trail 8
- Turn right on Trail 30
- Follow Trail 30 back to P7

5. Menu at Chelsea Pub

6. Description
The King Mountain Trail is a 1.9 km loop trail located in the Gatineau Park. An intermediate hike with some steep stairs and rocks, the trail climbs to the top of the Eardley Escarpment, 300 metres above the Ottawa Valley floor, and rewards you with a spectacular view. The trail features 10 lookouts, and a series of interpretation panels providing information about the forest environment along the trail.

As mentioned, the King Mountain trail involves walking up on rock stairs and walking up on rocks! I created a blog post so you get a better idea. Let us know when you need a break! We will go at a comfortable pace.

We will start with an optional short meditation to ground and centre, set your intention, and then we will relax and enjoy our time in nature, wrapping up with an expression of gratitude for what we encountered on our hike.

Afterwards, for those who would like to continue the conversations we will head over to Chelsea Pub at 238, OLD CHELSEA ROAD, CHELSEA

Please bring appropriate hiking shoes, water bottle, sunscreen, bug repellent, warm clothing and gloves, and whatever else you need to be safe, warm and comfortable. This outing will be cancelled for inclement weather.
1. What are the rules of the road?
From regulations by NCC - Outdoor ethics

- Stay on official, marked trails.
- Leave no trace; pack out what you pack in, and do not pollute.
- Do not approach wild animals, and make noise to avoid surprising them.
- Do not feed animals.
- Do not leave food scraps.

2. Will we run into a bear during the hike?
Unlikely, but here is information about black bears.

3. Is the Gatineau Parkway open for motorists at the time of meeting?
No. The Gatineau Parkway is closed for the season.

Interactive map:

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