New Kids Knife Throwing Season

Saturday  12 January  2019  11:00 AM    Saturday  12 January  2019 1:00 PM
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Last update 13/01/2019

The greatest sport for your kids has an edge....
Meet weekly on the Faction competition you chose to be in and compete in tournaments for 7 weeks and a Championship on the 8th week.
All this for 89.95~
Ages 10 to 17
Perks of being a member of the Guild in any of the regular season Factions:
-All members get 30% discounts on Walk-Ins any time and every day
-Win a customized Championship Knife
- Prizes from our sponsors!
-line by-pass for walk-ins*
-Discount on beverages**
-Massive bragging rights to not only say you throw knives competitively, but that you may be a champion as well!
-Make some incredible friends, have a blast and experience the thrill of throwing knives In The Air
Games begin at 11 am, practice up to a half hour, stay a half hour after for more “free-play” practice.
*based on lane availability. **options may change without notice based on sponsors.

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