January 27th Latino Heritage Cultural [Gathering] Extravaganza

Friday  27 January  2017  5:00 PM    Friday  27 January  2017 9:00 PM
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An Invitation to the "January 27th Latino Heritage Cultural [Gathering] Extravaganza"!!
Come out with your family and celebrate Community, Culture, History, and Roots with the Latino Community, where we work in partnership with the various not-for-profits, organizations, for-profits, groups, and individuals that keep our culture alive and that also contribute to the Diversity and Vibrancy of Edmonton, this our 2nd Year and our 8th Gathering in City Hall.

This is a FREE FAMILY EVENT open to the public, come share in our culture but also let's learn from each other, a XCultural experience, that is all about education and building community.

Refreshments [food and drinks] are provided.

SPONSORS: We are always looking for sponsors, so if you are interested or if you know someone or an organization that loves to sponsor community initiatives please let us know.

VOLUNTEERS: This event can't work smoothly without the great help of the small group of volunteers. We are looking for High School students, University Students who want to put this on their resume; Kids who want to give back to the community.
[Spanish is not a requirement but would be good to work with our elders]. If you are interested, please let us know.

PARTNERS: If you are interested in Partnering [Participating as a performer/need a table to share information/educate] please email us by replying to this Invitation. We have access to 20 tables, it is first come first serve if you need a table and if you'd like to perform, all performing groups/individuals get 30 minutes.

Bless you all and we really look forward to seeing you on January 27th!!!

[Look at what we've done together!]:

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Thank you from those of us that make up the LACEN family:
Ingrid Flores
Pablo Garcia
Monica Gallacher
Silvia Orozco
Enrique Rochin
Jerson Reyes
Iris Moreno
Dr. Jorge Canela
Dr. Denisse :Luna
Raquel Aviles
Ninfa Castellanos

LGBTQ2SlatinX Committee
Carla Segura
Sam Nels

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