IPMA – C 3 Days Virtual Live Training in Brampton

IPMA – C 3 Days Virtual Live Training in Brampton
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From Tue 19 November 2019 to Thu 21 November 2019
From Tuesday 19 November 2019 to Thursday 21 November 2019

Course Description:

This training helps Project Management professionals to make their projects successful, based on 46 competencies of the International Competence Baseline (ICB). This training delivers knowledge, skills and techniques related to important success factors like: stakeholder engagement, goal setting, Risk Management, phasing, adaptive planning & control, project organization with well -defined tasks and responsibilities, high performance teamwork, communication, leadership & motivation, negotiation, conflict resolution, Change Management, Financial Management, user-based quality Management, result driven contract Management, closing and Learning from projects. Based on this training participants will be prepared to pass the IPMA C- theory examination. In the training, participants are also informed on the personal capability and Practice Assesment part of IPMA C examination that has to be passed as well in order to become IPMA C Certified Project Manager.

Course Topics:

Day 1

●    Permanent organization and changing the business

●    Realizing change by projects, programs and portfolio Management

●    Project success and strategy to make your project successful; Learning from the past

●    Enabling change by creating stakeholder commitment

●    (non) Financial benefits from the change and benefit Management

●    Organizing and staffing the project

●    Analyzing and controlling Risks, Risk register

Day 2

●     Project life cycle

●     Preparing the project

●     Project charter and project Management plan

●     Scope and project result

●     User-based quality Management

●     Structuring the project; product /work breakdown structure

●     Project phasing models ( waterfall vs Agile approach)

●     Planning using bar chart and network planning techniques, dealing with uncertainty

●     Estimating and scheduling resources Budgeting Contracting third parties

●     Monitoring project progress and reporting on progress using earned value technique

●     Managing changes, benefits from an Agile project approach, issue register

●     Closing the project and Learning from it

Day 3

●     Leadership versus Management

●     Situational leadership

●     Motivating professionals in your project

●     Improving your own personal effectiveness

●     Communication in the project

●     Coping with conflicts in the project

●     Win-win based negotiation

●     Building high performing project teams 

Learning Goals:

●     Delivering value for involved stakeholders

●     Leading the project and motivating the team members

●     Reporting on the project’s progress

●     Interacting with a dynamic project environment and changing or conflicting Objectives

●     Learning from the project experiences

●     Reflecting on his or her personal behavior 

Course Agenda:

Day 1

●     Project orientation

●     Program & portfolio orientation

●     Stakeholder engagement

●     Permanent organization and project organization

●     Business case and benefit Management

●     Risk Management

●     Financial Management of projects

●     Making your project successful

Day 2

●     Project start

●     Quality

●     Scoping, project result and project structure

●     Phasing and project planning

●     Resources estimation and budgeting

●     Monitoring and reporting

●     Change

●     Project closure

Day 3

●     Leadership

●     Motivation

●     Improving personal effectiveness

●     Communication

●     Negotiation

●     Conflicts and crises

●     Building high effective teams

●     Preparing your exam

Who can Attend?

●     Experienced Project Management professionals who are preparing themselves for IPMA C certification.

●     Experienced senior Project Management professionals who want to become acquainted with ICB competences as part of their preparation for IPMA B Assesment.

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