Idea Validation Workshop with The Startup Coach

Tuesday  11 June  2019  6:00 PM    Tuesday  11 June  2019 8:00 PM
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Last update 12/06/2019

The Startup Coach
TorontoStarts presents the Lean Startup Idea Validation Workshop!
So you have a business idea, How do you tell if it is good? Will customers buy? How do I use lean startup processes to validate my idea?
In this session led by Craig Major The Startup Coach you will learn how to use the lean startup idea validation canvas. The Lean Startup idea validation canvas is a one-page document. An action plan to validate any business idea.
A walk through of lean startup principals followed by learning the lean startup Idea Validation Canvas followed by each participant filling out their canvas and developing an action plan to validate your idea.
Idea Validation Workshop
The Idea Validation Workshop covers the four distinct stages make up the Lean Validation Process. Only once you’ve passed all 4 can you be confident that your product idea is worth developing.
Validating the problem.
Is this a problem worth solving? If users don’t think this is a major problem, your solution won’t be appealing.
Validating the market.
Some users might agree that this is a problem worth solving. But are there enough of them to make up a market for your product?
Validating the product.
The problem might exist, but does your product actually solve it?
Validating willingness to pay.
There might be market demand and a great product. But will people actually be willing to reach into their wallets and pay for it?

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