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Book launch / Présentation du livre
Published by Lugar Común Editorial (Ottawa, Canada), this anthology of short stories is a tribute to Toronto, our beloved city (and, in consequence, to our adoptive country). For the first time, twelve well-known authors gathered together to write a collection of stories about the city in which we all live and love.
It is our goal to share “Historias de Toronto (Toronto Stories)” with all readers in Canada and elsewhere. We will soon be looking for opportunities to have our work translated and, hopefully, published in English, so that we can invite other Torontonians to this dialogue and inspire others to express their love and gratitude for this great city.
About “Historias de Toronto (Toronto Stories)”
Toronto is the vital backdrop against which these stories are set. It is along Toronto’s streets and in its alleys and corners that the characters endure their silent dramas, their intimate tragedies, their insolent joy, and their manifest insecurities. The reader will find fiction and reality, self-analysis and reflection, the reinterpretation of dreams, of images and sequences that sometimes stem from real life and at other times have been born from their authors’ imaginations.
The twelve authors who collaborated on this collection of short stories know their city well. They have challenged it and studied it. They have suffered it and lived and despised it —and loved it. They have cursed and celebrated it. When they have left, they have missed it. They have looked for — and found it. They have possessed it.
This innovative approach to Toronto captures the point of view of the Hispanic author who talks about his or her city more as its citizen than as an immigrant who is watching from a distance. Historias de Toronto is, therefore, a complex, audacious, and original portrait of Ontario’s capital. Because Toronto, too, is diverse, multifaceted, and unique.
The authors:
Martha Bátiz (Mexico), José Antonio Villalobos Sarria (Peru), Gina Beltrán (Colombia), Salvador Alanís (Mexico), Paulina Derbez (Mexico), Angelina Peraza (Venezuela), Alejandra Bernal (Mexico), Juan Gavasa (Spain), Beatriz Hausner (Chile), Alejandro Prescott-Cornejo (Spain), Martin Boyd (Australia), Claudio Palomares (Mexico).

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