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Tuesday  22 August  2017  9:30 AM    Saturday  26 August  2017 5:30 PM
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How Does It Work?

Bowen is a myofascial therapy that enables self regulation through cross fibre innervation of mechanoreceptors.

Relieves symptoms through reducing sympathetically maintained muscle contraction and increasing blood and lymph flow.

The key is to untangle this pain web of compensatory feedback loops and restore autonomic nervous system balance. 

A “whole”istic therapy that engages every system of our body.”

Switches the body from stress (sympathetic) mode to healing (parasympathetic) mode so that the body can heal.

Regular treatments retrain the body’s autonomic nervous system allowing better balance and more time spent in healing mode.

Why Does Healing Happen So Fast?
There's a big difference between covering up symptoms and permanent healing. The body recognizes input that helps promote healing. Healing is actually simple. 

How much time does this technique take?

You only need to do this one a week for 3 weeks  for 85% of people to be pain-free. Some people are 60% better after a single session.

Is it complicated?

The body is not that complicated, and we're wired to heal and feel free in our bodies. It is easy to learn and easy to integrate into your practice.

How is this different from every other therapy I’ve tried?

Most other methods force the body or mask its symptoms. What I'll teach you is a language that speaks to the body and works with your body's blueprint for health.

I want to show you how to heal yourself and gift this to your clients and live pain-free for good!

Here’s what you’ll get with my HEALING ACCELRATOR:

  1. The Healing Accelerator Program is open to the student who while learning the physical therapy also wants to experience first hand its healing benefits.

  2.  This course is offered as a one off and gives you the opportunity to upgrade to the CBHT Professional Program. 

  3. The course is accredited and will give you Continuing Education Credits (for most professions) 
  4. Instruction will include: Basic Bowen Protocols, Lower body protocols and Upper body protocols that will help you eliminate your patient's pain and long term issues. 

  5. The course will stress the body-mind relationship and help you to become a better healing arts practitioner

What students are saying:

"The tell-show-do learning format is great – it really allows one to integrate the material well. I would absolutely recommend the course to others. "   Lindsay Adrian

"The course was well paced, very clear, time was taken. I would absolutely recommend the course to others. It may sound cheesy, but this course changed my life."     Tara Lantz

What patients are saying:

“For the last three years, I’ve had chronic pain in my right knee that was at times so bad I had to lift my leg up with my hand to get into my car. Five days after the fourth Bowen treatment with Dr. Manon, the pain is 90 per cent better. It’s like a miracle. I’ve also had numbness in both my feet, which has improved, and I look forward to further improvement as my treatment continues.” – Ken Kollman

Let's get real – What's the point if you or the client's you serve are suffering from pain and being limited in their ability to fully enjoy your life

Remember not only will you be free of your own pain, you will have a whole new relationship with your body, yourself, and YOUR PRACTICE.

Instead of pain, you will feel relaxed and renewed and well on your way to a satisfying, rewarding and easy practice.

And best of all, you will give your body a chance to try a system of healing that has impacted thousands and thousands of my patients and thousands of my students patients making a real life difference in the quality of their health.

I believe this program is worth it's price in gold because with pain, our life feels like a drain. Without our health, all our dreams are limited. 

We only have ONE life, let's make it count!! Come join me- You won't regret it!!

Of course there is much more to health than headaches and back pain solutions! But why not start there? The beauty of our body is that all parts are connected. When you can trigger the body to relax, profound change is possible. Give yourself an opportunity to try something different. Something that really speaks to the body and will make permanent changes.

Please watch the video if you have not yet and come join me by taking charge of your health now!

The Bowen experience is subtle, healing and relaxing. By stimulating meridian points in a specific order and with careful pauses in between, BowenFirst™ Technique prompts the body to reset, repair and balance itself.

It is one of the strongest, fastest and most effective modalities for treating pain, chronic illness and improving overall health.


If you do not have Anatomy and Physiology and wish to add these please contact us at info@bowencollege as we have a prerequisite special running for the Summer of 2017!

Minimum Requirements:

  1.  One unit (min) of Anatomy and Physiology 
  2. A desire to Learn a technique that will transform your practice!


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