Full Moon Chakra Sound Bath

Monday  21 January  2019  7:00 PM    Monday  21 January  2019 8:30 PM
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Last update 23/01/2019

Join up to 9 people for an experience of deep relaxation and long lasting rejuvenation through crystal sound vibration. This sound bath is offered in a conveniently located, Zen-like home in Kitsilano.
Join us for an event of high vibrational and melodic sounds, and you will:
***Release physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual stress
***Rejuvenate your body, brain, mind, and spiritAccess peace of mind
***Access your higher intuitive faculties
***Experience the joy of opening
Relax into this sacred space as certified sound healer and recording artist Colin Hillstrom plays a set of 12 alchemy singing bowls that contain precious and semi-precious stones including 24-karat gold, white gold, platinum, pink tourmaline and many others. Colin had assembled this set of bowls not only for its high vibrational benefits, but also for many therapeutic benefits, including:
***Opening, clearing, and aligning the chakra (energy) system
***Balancing the endocrine (hormonal system)
***Activating untapped, unused areas and powers of mind and brain
***Enhancing cellular health and function
***Yoga mat (or blanket to lie on; note: the floor is warm but not carpeted)
***Blanket (note: the room is warm from radiant floor heat and gas fireplace)
Stay for tea if you like!
Questions: Call or text Colin Hillstrom at 604-780-0686
Colin has a great heart spirit, and is able to bring his audience to love. He sets the tone of playfulness, as well as honoring the deep powers of spirit. Nancy Shipley Rubin, author of “The Manifesting Codes”

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