Taking the Fast Lane with Lean Project Delivery

Taking the Fast Lane with Lean Project Delivery
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From Mon 16 March 2020 to Mon 27 April 2020
From Monday 16 March 2020 to Monday 27 April 2020
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Are you Tired of Repeated Project Delays and Cost Overruns?

It's time to Take the Fast Lane to Project Success!

Come learn how to win at the Design & Construction Game!

In case you haven't heard already, Lean Construction works! And, following the successes in the US, there has been a growing movement in Canada for the construction industry to learn more about how they can eliminate delays and cost overruns too.

This program was developed based upon lessons learned from more than 10 high performing projects. It is the only program that we know of that includes information about all of the steps required to help you deliver your own Lean project using any type of project delivery contract type. Our approach is that with the right team and disciplined execution of lean project systems, any project will benefit from the collaboration, flow and efficiency this creates.

To help you integrate this learning into your busy work schedule, this opportunity: 

  • spreads your learning out into remotely accessible, bite-sized pieces,

  • maintains an interactive live learning environment with instructors & other participants, 

  • spends less time on WHY we need to change our wasteful ways, and

  • gets more into the meat and potatoes of how to deliver a lean project.

Overall, the goal of this online program is designed to provide participants with foundational knowledge of the stages, systems and best practices necessary for kick-starting a lean project. An added benefit is that participants earn 30 hours of credits towards certification in Lean Project Delivery, providing the preparations to write certification exams.

Over 6 weeks, we will cover:

  • Understanding the Business Case and Lean Fundamentals

  • Establishing and Clarifying the Owner's Project Requirements

  • Procuring for, and Forming your Lean Team

  • Determining Project Feasibility with Target Value Delivery

  • Pull Planning with the Last Planner System

  • Team Collaboration in the Big Room Environment

For more information about the program, or about the Lean Project Delivery Certification Program, please visit our website at Shift2Lean.ca


Please be ready to commit the necessary time (~30hrs in total), as well as to show up to each scheduled session as best as possible. We will work with registrants to establish the best time of day to hold sessions and understand emergencies arise, but the sessions are very interactive and require the ability for all participants to actually participate!

This form of online delivery is based on a pilot program we recently ran with success. While we found that life happens - sometimes people had to travel, or work interfered with getting assignments in on time, everyone was able to keep their commitments and catch up as needed to keep up with the group.

What to expect in this program: 

  • Class size will be limited to 10 participants, to maximize our ability to address any and all concerns as we run through the course with you.

  • Spreading the learning over 6 weeks, including some intro/info materials before each live session. Live, online sessions will be held twice per week (~1.5hr each) - the first to engage around the week's content and the second to work through exercises and applications of the strategies, other gaming activities and homework assignments. Participants will be expected to review content offline in preparation for each session, and complete assignments, to ensure the learning is well understood. 

  • We will regularly ask you for your direct and honest feedback throughout the process, so that we can practice continuous improvement along the way - we will always take your plus/delta's, and incorporate learnings to make each consecutive session better. We want to be sure that you have a great online experience with us!


Shift2Lean Inc. is a group of 4 individuals committed to improving the construction industry through the implementation of Lean Project Strategies. Our capabilities include project management, lean project facilitation, target value design and last planner system implementation with expertise in project planning, sustainable design, LEED certification and building and energy management systems. It is our belief that lean applies to all project delivery models, as productivity and collaborative team work enable exceptional projects. We deliver exceptional value by facilitating, coaching, training and delivering projects through the use of lean project methodologies and tools.

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