Exponential Transformation Workshop

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Exponential Transformation Workshop
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From Mon 30 March 2020 to Tue 31 March 2020
From Monday 30 March 2020 to Tuesday 31 March 2020
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


The Exponential Transformation Workshop is designed to free your mind to be more creative when thinking about a different organization. It's a globally recognized workshop to broaden your vision of how to start a disruption process and how to overcome the corporate immune system to become an Exponential Organization (ExO).

The agenda focuses on two books authored by Salim Ismail, where you can understand in depth the attributes of Exponential Organizations (First Book) and second, understand the steps and the key elements to start an ExO Sprint disruption process (Second Book, 2019 ).

The modality of the workshop is a mix of presentations, advice, practical exercises, group work and personal reflection.

*** The world needs ambitious and brave people around the world to adopt exponential thinking in order to meet the challenges of the 4th industrial revolution. We want to work directly with you and with the community in Western Canada to develop new organizational mindsets that create a brighter future for us all. Think Exponential and attend this important workshop. ***


  1. The Age of Exponential Organizations
  2. ExO Attributes and Tools
  3. ExO Sprint Methodology
  4. Exponential Business Models


  1. Identify the technologies that can disrupt the case study industry and analyze the risks and opportunities
  2. Design a MTP for our case study edge initiative
  3. Design the case study company's Business Model Canvas and ExO Canvas
  4. Immerse yourself in an ExO Sprint case study
  5. Learn how to measure how exponential your company is


What we will achieve in the ExO Workshop:

  1. Increased awareness of key industry trends in disruption and innovation and understand the implications of these trends in organizations
  2. Increased understanding of opportunities to shift your organization
  3. Become familiar with the methodology and basic concepts of Exponential Organizations
  4. Understanding of the ExO Sprint methodology and how it could help your organization
  5. A mindset shift to exponential business models

Each participant will receive:

  1. 2 days of fast paced immersive coaching into the Exponential Transformation model
  2. Access to videos, articles and other ExO resources


Date: March 30-31, 2020

Time: 9:00AM - 4:00PM

Location: McEwan University - RoundHouse

11110 104 Avenue Northwest 11-159 Allard Hall, MacEwan University, Edmonton, AB T5K 1M9


Ken Merkel

SingularityU Edmonton Chapter Lead | OpenExO Ambassador | OpenExO Consultant | OpenExO Coach | Exponential Speaker | Managing Partner ExO Execute

Ken is an experienced senior leader and serial entrepreneur that specializes in shifting cultures and implementing the properties of exponential organisations in legacy corporations. He is active in the technology community across all industries as he drives to shift society and organizations towards an abundant future.

Passionate about driving exponential change through people, process and technology. Ken helps organizations thrive in the world of disruption by using a systematic coaching process to apply the Exponential Organizations (ExO) framework and its 11 exponential building blocks. This shifts the corporate mindset towards innovation and learning, and then, by leveraging emerging technologies, together we can achieve 10x exponential growth.

Now, this all looks good on paper, but the simple reality is that communication and collaboration in a safe and empowered community is the key to unlocking the human element. And once you unlock this gift of creativity, you can start to harness innovation. Using a thorough understanding of the science of human nature, a full toolbox of adaptable processes and a global understanding of disruptive technology to shift organizations, industry, and society to manage exponential change while transforming the world for a better future.

For more information https://www.linkedin.com/in/kenmerkel/




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MacEwan University
10700 104 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB, CA
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10700 104 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB, CA

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MacEwan University
10700 104 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB, CA
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