EXCLUSIVE! Think and Grow Rich LIVE with Bob Proctor

Thursday  16 May  2019  11:00 AM    Thursday  16 May  2019 11:59 PM
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Last update 17/05/2019

LIVE Closed group by invitation only! Bob Proctor has studied Think and Grow Rich—the book that changed everything in his life—every single day for the past 57+ years.
On Thursday May 16th, during a LIVE training, Bob will share some of his unique ideas and insights on the book and show you how ANYONE—no matter what their beliefs or current circumstances are—can… and will … become rich when they do certain things in a certain way.
Like most people, you’ve probably struggled with earning as much money as you’d like. 


-- You weren’t raised to be rich, so you think you don’t have what it takes to become wealthy
-- You think you’re not smart enough to make a lot money
-- You’re working hard, but your incoming is barely improving

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