Dispensary Entrepreneur Business Course

Dispensary Entrepreneur Business Course
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From Tue 26 May 2020 to Thu 28 May 2020
From Tuesday 26 May 2020 to Thursday 28 May 2020
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Build Your Dispensary the Right Way

Experience Sells More Responsibly

This 3-day course provides a value of more than $10,000 in strategies and industry insights from top-tier cannabis strategists. You get:

  • Customized, realistic operational budget models and proprietary sales forecast formulas ($2,000+ value)

  • Strategic PR takeaways for managing crises, marketing plans, and promotion strategies within legal limitations ($7,500+ value)

  • Feedback on your cannabis menu curation that supports and informs your inventory management plan (~$20,000 in savings for past attendees)

  • Mock dispensary experience to help identify gaps, forecast any issues, and visualize your processes at work (~$indispensable)

The Dispensary Entrepreneur Business course teaches business owners and retail managers how to launch, grow, and maximize profits. Taught by experienced industry leaders, this course is packed with practical advice for your business success.

You will learn how to…

Navigate Policy

  • Understand Canadian regulations and build your dispensary the right way

  • Measure success and implement feedback to outpace your competitors

  • Implement security and safety protocols to reduce risk

  • Define the systems and software you need to automate and streamline service

Help People

  • Create value and client loyalty by crafting the ultimate customer experience

  • Recruit, onboard, and motivate a qualified and productive team

  • Cultivate a fun work environment to grow and retain your talent

  • Help new and experienced cannabis consumers make responsible decisions

Make Profit

  • Set up your operational budget and determine how much money you need

  • Sell more using merchandising strategies like display design and promotional pricing

  • Boost profits with marketing strategies that work in a highly regulated industry

  • Implement streamlined operational procedures for smooth, scalable management

Manage Product

  • Handle, manage, and store inventory correctly

  • Source quality, clean, in-demand cannabis products

  • Discuss, identify, and appreciate cannabis with confidence

  • Curate a winning cannabis menu that customers will love

Tools and Templates Included

  • Dispensary profit model template

  • Business plan template

  • Metrics and performance tracking template

  • Practical how-to guides for streamlined and compliant operations

  • Standard operating procedures, from open to close

  • The ultimate pre-launch and launch checklist for opening your dispensary


Registration includes:

  • Three condensed days of interactive cannabis education and practical business training

  • Practical tools, models, and templates

  • Ongoing advisory and support services

Contact us for a GROUP DISCOUNT on 4 or more!

For more information visit: www.cannareps.ca


No Refunds

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