Creativity and Plant Medicines (Psychic Development Circle)

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Creativity and Plant Medicines (Psychic Development Circle)
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Sat 11 April 2020
Saturday 11 April 2020
1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

***This has now been moved, to be an online course (to respect social distancing rules). I will send out access information to those who have registered.

*** BUILDING ACCESS: Please text 604.723.9892 and I'll come downstairs to let you in. This number is only for building entry. ***

*** Class starts promptly on time. Please arrive 15 mins before start time. To respect the sacred space, absolutely no entry after the Circle starts.  ***

***Circles are kept to a small group of 6.***

*** This is a 5 week series of psychic development circles, helping you to intuitively connect with plant medicines and develop your relationship to them and grow your creativity. It is not necessary to attend ALL the classes, but is beneficial, if you're looking to grow your creativity across all aspects of your life including problem solving.***

All plants have spirits, and when you connect and create a relationship with them - wonderful synchronicities, manifestations, healing, creative and spiritual growth can happen - this is essentially the medicine and teachings plants can give us. In this series, I will be sharing my own experiences and channeling wisdom and guidance from the plant spirit medicines on how to connect with them to expand your psychic field to be a bigger and cleaner creative channel for Spirit's inspiration.

Plant medicines are not provided. However, each Circle there will be essential oils and supplies available to make:

  • essential oil roll-on
  • essential oil spray
  • essential oil bath salts (optional if you enjoy baths!)
  • herbal teas (optional, if you like the samples served in the circles)

The supplies to make the above are provided and included in the Circle's fee. Some may find that what is provided in class is enough to support their creative and spiritual growth for the 5 week series.

In this Circle, several things can happen:

  • Meditation to ground and connect with plant medicines of your choice. We will also talk about the "lead" plant medicine types and the "supportive" plant medicines and how to use them to balance your energy. Over the next several weeks we will talk about how these are working out for you, and if any adjustments need to be made.
  • Messages from Spirit and Spirit Plant realm to guide and coach you through any blocks or challenges you may be experiencing.
  • Group healing, which helps to remove any stagnant energy so you can connect with the plant medicines better.

We can discuss in our first gathering which medicine you'd like to connect with. Some examples: Blue Lotus, Lavender, Rose, Jasmine.  The plant you choose reflects the changes and growth you want to invite into your life for your soul's evolution. We will also discuss how often and in what methods would be best for you to connect with the plants.

This Circle is open to everyone:

  • those who are new or continuing their connection to Spirit and growing your psychic abilities
  • open and ready to connect with healing plant medicines to heal aspects of yourself to become a bigger channel for Spirit's inspirations.
  • anyone who needs creativity - artists, entrepreneurs - those who needs creative problem solving guidance. 

Note that this circle is kept very small, so that I can provide brief one-on-one mentoring to you, so you can connect better to Spirit and to your spirit plant.


How do I get into the building?

For security reasons, the doors are locked on weekends. Please text 604.723.9892 and I'll come downstairs to let you in. The class is held in the Il Mercato building on the corner of Commercial and 1st Ave. The door to meet me at is the glass door facing Commercial Drive (the door is located right next to the elevators.)

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

If you are driving, there is a parking under the Il Mercato building.

There are many transit options,with the Broadway/Commercial Skytrain station several blocks down the road.


Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

If you have any other questions, email me:


Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Your registration/ticket is not transferrable to another person or workshop.


Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

You do not need to bring a printed ticket.


Is there a refund if I can no longer attend the workshop?

There is no refund once you have paid and registered.

NOTE: When you register, you're automatically added to my mail list. My monthly newsletters have free messages from Spirit, and a list of upcoming workshops, classes and circles. My newsletters are intended to be informative and inspiring for your spiritual path. You can always change your preferences at any time.

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