Towards Compassionate Care

Wednesday  26 April  2017  8:30 PM    Wednesday  26 April  2017 9:30 PM
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Towards Compassionate Care.   The discussion will focus on compassion in the context of caregiving, mental health, aging populations and compassionate communities.  Professor Patrick Pietroni will also introduce the Darwin Centre Trust (DCT) and the scope and vision of the Darwin International Institute for the Study of Compassion (DIISC) while opening the discourse on compassion in our current geo-political landscape.


About Professor Pietroni:
Professor Pietroni is a Jungian Analyst.  He retired as Professor of Community Care and Primary Health at University of Westminster in 1997 and as Dean of General Practice for the University of London in 2001.  He has
held many senior positions in general practice and community care and has consulted to numerous psychotherapeutic organizations, both voluntary and statutory.  He is the Director of The Centre for Psychological Therapies in Primary Care, the Public Health Lead, Mental Health and Wellbeing for Shropshire and Editor of the Journal of Psychological Therapies in Primary Care.

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