Communal Table at The Bentway: Syrian Home Cooking with Newcomer Kitchen

Thursday  27 June  2019  6:30 PM    Thursday  27 June  2019 9:00 PM
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Communal Table with the Depanneur
June 27, Syrian Home Cooking with Newcomer Kitchen
6:30pm - 9pm

A weekly dining experience featuring local chefs and food offerings

The Communal Table happens every Thursday, June 13-August 22

Beginning June 13, The Bentway offers weekly communal dining opportunities for neighbours and community members. Featuring chefs, food offerings and conversation-starters as curated by Toronto restaurant and innovative “culinary talent showcase” The Depanneur. The weekly dinners will explore Toronto’s diverse culinary traditions.

In early 2016, hundreds of Syrian refugee families arrived in Toronto, and while their complicated paperwork was processed, many found themselves stuck in remote hotels for months with no kitchens. The Depanneur, a small Toronto food venue, reached out with an invitation to use their kitchen, and from that small gesture of hospitality Newcomer Kitchen was born. It quickly grew into weekly pop-up producing 50 meals of traditional Syrian home cooking for pickup and delivery. The 3-year pop-up pilot, along with a social enterprise catering project, working with nearly 80 Syrian families, has served over 10,000 meals and earned more than $150,000 to date. Perhaps more importantly, it has found an exciting new way to create social and economic opportunity for talented newcomer women while enriching the culinary landscape of our city.

Syria is renowned throughout the Middle East for its diverse culinary traditions, many of them reaching back thousands of years. Tonight’s menu features a selection of traditional Syrian dishes, including regional specialties like Muhammara dip from Aleppo, as well as popular Middle Eastern favourites.
This dinner will be accompanied by traditional Syrian music w/ Rahaf Al Akbani & Esmaeel Aboufakher.

  • Muhammara: a luscious deep red spread made with roasted red peppers, walnuts, pomegranate syrup and spicy Aleppo pepper, served with pita, fresh vegetables & seasoned black olives.
  • Burgul Behommos: Burgul (aka bulgur wheat), is a dried cracked wheat that is an ancient staple of the Middle and Near East. It is typically made from whole grain durum wheat that has been coarsely ground, soaked, steamed and dried, a process that enhances its shelf life and nutritional profile. Compared to white rice, bulgur has more fibre and protein, a lower glycemic index, and higher levels of most vitamins and minerals. Burgul Behommos is a festive dish which many Syrians take pride in cooking for family gatherings and celebrations. Chicken and chickpeas are boiled with spices and set aside. Then the burgul is cooked in the rich chicken broth, before being re-combined with the chickpeas and topped with the deboned chicken. A vegetarian version is also available, topped with a selection of vegetables. Confirm nuts
  • Kh'yer bel laban: Cucumber, yogurt & mint condiment
  • Fattoush salad: mixed greens, fresh vegetables, mint and parsley with olive oil, lemon & sumac dressing & crispy pita chips
  • S'fouf: A delicate semolina cake with turmeric, anise, vanilla, and coconut, studded with black sesame seeds and topped with pistachio

Pre-registration is requested
Non-perishable food items will be accepted for donations to local shelters


About The Depanneur
The Depanneur
 is an intimate & interactive food venue aimed at showcasing the incredible diversity of culinary talent we have in Toronto. We invite guest cooks, both amateur and professional, to host hundreds of unique food events from Cooking Classes, Drop-In Dinners and Supper Clubs, to Table Talks, Brunch and Private Events. The Dep is also the birthplace of Newcomer Kitchen, a non-profit social enterprise that creates social and economic opportunities for Syrian refugee women through food-based projects. To date, Newcomer Kitchen has sold over 10,000 meals and paid over $150,000 into the Syrian community since its inception in 2016.

About Newcomer Kitchen
Newcomer Kitchen is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating economic and social opportunities for Syrian refugee women in Toronto. Inviting Syrian refugee women to prepare and sell meals in local restaurants is an exciting new pop-up food concept that turns newcomer talent into delicious food, economic opportunity, meaningful work and a bridge between cultures. Even more exciting is the potential of a new model of equitable participation that could work with any newcomer community, in any kitchen, in any city in the world.

Supported by Stella Artois

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