Up Close, and Personal - An Intimate Evening with Theda Phoenix

Saturday  30 March  2019  7:00 PM    Saturday  30 March  2019 10:00 PM
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Join us for an up close and personal evening of original songs and music with the captivating, Theda Phoenix.
This evening will include a social stand-up dinner (yes, there will also be places to sit) in a luxurious home on the Westside of Vancouver. Dinner will be a vegan organic dinner provided by Eternal Abundance. We will enjoy a delicious and nutritous meal, then, we will be swept away by Theda's angelic voice, singing her inspiring and heart opening ORIGINAL songs...including some improv as she is a genius at creating on the go!!
Truly remarkable! Theda must be heard and seen to be expereinced!
View more of Theda's video's and music by visiting her webiste: www.thedaphoenix.com
Doors Open: 6:30 PM
Dinner served at &pm ***Show Starts Promptly at 8PM***
Also, earlier the same day, Theda is hosting an
Theda will teach a workshop for those interested in sound healing ...such as why and how it works and how you can use sound to facilitate healing for yourself and others; For Full Details and to reserve your spot, visit:
About Theda
Intuitive singer/songwriter, sound healer and recording artist Theda Phoenix (Theeda) is passionate about uniting people with their inner guidance and spiritual connectedness. She has been playing Crystal Singing Bowls for 10 years, creating mystical, meditative soundscapes to journey inwardly, accessing altered states of consciousness and peace for healing and transformation.
She has performed with many inspirational speakers including Dr Deepak Chopra and Joe Dispenza. Theda has released 4 soulful CD’s that range in style from inspiring singer songwriter to meditative relaxation music.
"Theda has an authentically lovely voice and a repertoire that ranges from Enya to opera but on the night I saw her she wasn't so much singing as channeling emotional energy into a series of aural meditations improvised on the spot as the spirit moved her."
- Rick Dennis, Cowichan News Leader
"Theda has the voice of an Angel. I discovered her beautiful music while in a yoga class 8 years ago and knew I'd discovered something unique, powerful, and enchanting. I share her CD's with everyone I know and play her music in my yoga classes. Theda is a gift from God."
~ Will Blunderfield, Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter/Yoga Instructor
"Hi Theda, meeting you this morning in Ottawa made my day! I just finished thoroughly enjoying your 3 cds. No words to describe the beauty and power of these recordings. You are so talented & inspirational." ~ G. Gilbert
"I have been listening to your lovely music in my car. I truly love your voice. You are most talented & gifted. I will hold your success in my heart." ~ Aeoliah, New Age Musician
"Your music is frequently a source of both inspiration and profound comfort for me."
~ S. Allie
"...Obviously it is a rare soul who can ride the waves of vibrational harmony and clarity as you do...such gift is available only to those angels of a certain high minimum of awareness, intelligence, purity and heart-full lovingness. The vibrational resonance/contagion of your energetic gift is crucial in times such as these, especially."
"You are like the Divine Mother herself when you sing, holding all who is present with such tenderness, sweetness, and absolute pure LOVE!"
~ Irene C
"Your music is a gift from the Angels." ~ Kalawna B, Intuitive Healer
"Theda, I just want to say how much I enjoy listening to your HEALING music. Your beautiful voice, conscious spoken word/poetry takes me on a journey everytime I listen . . . truly inspiring!" ~ Sun Shan
"Your music was superb to meditate to. I love what comes out of your being, truly celestial." ~ Dorothy Morley, Medical Intuitive
"I wanted to share with you how very moved I was by my first listen to your music last night... There were 3 songs that when I heard them I wept deeply... You have connected with your heart in a way that speaks deeply to me. Thank you so very much Theda!"
~ David Morningstar
"You have the voice and the soul of an angel. When you sing, shivers go through my entire being. Keep lifiting us higher, Theda. You are pure Light in form."
~ Shelora Fitzgerald

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