Panel Discussion on the Legal Landscape of Blockchain Technology in Canada

Thursday  12 July  2018  6:00 PM    Thursday  12 July  2018 9:00 PM
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Last update 13/07/2018

This event serves as a comprehensive primer for laywers and entrepreneurs who want to expand their practice into the exciting intersection of legal policy and blockchain business models. The discussions and presentations will also provide value for entrepreneurs who want to be aware of the pitfalls and opportunities present in a space which is still being defined.

Our event will consist of a panel discussion with British Columbia's leading laywers on the cutting edge of blockchain related issues ranging from securities, to taxes, anti-money laundering, ponzi schemes and tokenizing assets. In addition to our panel discussion there will also be a presentation on open-source software licenses and the legal issues that surround blockchain business models. We will also provide time for q&a from the audience. Drinks and Food provided. 


Ron Segev

Ron is a founding partner of Segev LLP. Ron is the head of Segev LLP’s technology practice group and works with a wide variety of technology clients. Ron works with blockchain application development companies, miners, brokers, coiners, exchanges, investor clubs, burgeoning funds, and more ICOs than we could imagine. Ron represents token and coin generators and offerers assisting with ICO/TGE development, legal issues, finance issues, marketing and other issues. He also represents token and coin investors with due diligence review and commercial term negotiation. 

Gal Smolar

Gal Smolar is a Canadian and Israeli qualified business lawyer at Miller Thomson. Gal has a wide high technology experience gained from over 15 years of focusing on financing of technology companies and technology transactions. Gal has been involved in the formation of Canadian technology accelerators and investment funds, acted for local and foreign venture capital funds and angel investors and participated as either company counsel or investor counsel, in many exciting M&A transactions of Vancouver based startups.

Maya Medeiros

Maya Medeiros is a lawyer at Norton Rose Fulbright. She is an intellectual property (IP) lawyer, patent agent (Canada, US) and trademark agent (Canada, US) and has a degree in mathematics and computer science. She has extensive experience in artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, cryptography, payments, graph theory, risk management, gaming, face recognition, communications, healthcare and medical devices, virtual and mixed reality, wearables, and other computer related technologies.

James Leong

James Leong is senior legal counsel at the British Columbia Securities Commission. He also works on the BCSC Tech Team, often informing the position of the BCSC as to whether a blockchain token should be characterized as a security in the provincial jurisdiction of British Columbia. James also has extensive background in securities regulation, corporate law, private equity, venture capital and international law.

Steve Parr

Steve Parr is partner and founder of Parr Business & Blockchain Law in downtown Vancouver. His practice is largely focused on blockchain and business law and he is a passionate enthusiast for legaltech and fintech. Steve also has extensive experience in corporate law, corporate governance, securities and venture capital. Steve advises blockchain enterprises at both the pre- and post- ICO stages of the enterprise development. Steve also serves as corporate counsel for Blockchain Development Labs, a Canadian business development and R&D shop for blockchain companies.


Aviv Milner

Aviv is president of BlockSpace Solutions Inc which functions as both an educator, publisher and asset manager. Aviv studied Mathematics at the University of British Colombia where his passions ranged from microeconomics to political theory to cryptography. Before being introduced to Blockchain technologies in 2017, his professional experience was focused on education. His talents in public speaking paired well with his knack for breaking down complex topics into simple fragments. He also briefly worked for HoneyBadger, a Bitcoin ATM company, and was a researcher of the Blockchain Intelligence Group.


  • 6pm: Registration & Networking
  • 6:15: MLG Intro by Thierry 
  • 6:20: Technical intro by Aviv 
  • 6:30: Panel Discussion
  • 8:15: Outro by Aviv
  • 8:30: Networking 

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